Chelsea FC May Sell Juan Mata and Sign Bertrand Traore

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Jose Mourinho, Chelsea FC’s manager, made a crystal clear statement yesterday to suggest that Juan Mata is not an indispensable player of the team and they might sell him. When reporters asked about Mata’s plans in Chelsea FC, he told them, “I don’t want to do so (sell Mata) it never starts from us.” He stated, the wish to move to a new club normally comes from the player. Mourinho did change strategy of play of Chelsea to a great extent and Mata was advised by the manager to adhere to the new style of play a few days back. On the other hand, Bertrand Traore, the 18-year-old midfielder has completed all the paperwork and signed a deal of four and a half years with the team. It appears Chelsea FC may sell  Mata but were very keen to snatch Bertrand Traore from Burkina Faso.

The win over Southampton on Wednesday was a classical play by Chelsea FC, especially by the Oscar-Willian pair. It was Mata who was replaced during the early phase of the second half to introduce Oscar. He left the ground with a lot of disgust about “something.” He shoved the chair on the sidelines to vent his frustration.

When asked, the Chelsea coach said that the frustration was basically as a result of the game. The talented Spaniard midfielder is a very talented footballer with a weight 63 Kg. He has good speed in his legs and can sprint pretty fast. He joined Chelsea FC from Valencia on a deal of €30 million which happened due to the growing debt situation of the Valencia club. Many analysts see this signing of  Traore as competition against Mata because both are attacking midfielders. Selling him may not be confirmed but to resist that rumor, Mata has to play well in the upcoming games.

The Burkina Faso striker, Traore will join Vitesse Arnhem for the first team experience as confirmed by Chelsea. He will be playing for Vitesse on loan from Chelsea FC – while on the other hand, Kakuta and Hutchinson have been recalled to play for the team.

As was expected, the Burkina Faso Striker was asked a lot of questions by the media. Some of the excerpts are, “I can shoot well,” “I can play in the number 10 position” and “I’m an attacking midfielder.” The comments suggested that he is highly motivated about his inclusion in Chelsea FC and is pretty confident about his style of play.

Traore impressed the Chelsea FC’s management last summer during the pre-season Asia tour. The team’s Portuguese manager thought it would be difficult to get a work permit for the attacking midfielder but, during last October, Traore agreed to sign.

Mata is a star footballer and played for Spain during the Euro Cup in 2012. He scored the last goal against Italy. Also during the FA Cup final in 2012, he scored against Liverpool and helped lead Chelsea FC to a trophy finish. According to the fans, a skillful and creative player such as the Spaniard midfielder has a lot to give to Chelsea and should be given more chances. However, the signing of Traore has changed a lot of team dynamics it seems and Chelsea FC can use Mata along with Traore tactically in all the upcoming games. Last but not least, he could be sold to another club but that is not going to happen unless the current contract is discussed with the team management.

By Sunando Basu

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    hi coming Chelsea mata is bast

  2. miam blue   January 5, 2014 at 1:32 am

    Traore already signed and loaned out.
    Mou wont let mata go

  3. miam blue   January 5, 2014 at 1:30 am

    OLD Story

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