Chris Christie A Real Leader

chris christie

Have Republicans found a real leader in Chris Christie? If the press conference he gave today is any indication of how he does things, we think  they have. Today Christie, the republican governor of New Jersey, held a press conference and did three things we never see in politics these days, he accepted responsibility for what his subordinates did, he took action against those subordinates and he apologized for their actions. Wouldn’t it be nice if others in high profile leadership positions did the same?

Did Christie lie at the press conference when he said he didn’t know anything about the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge? It doesn’t matter since nothing he can say or prove will change the minds of those on the left. We believe him because he would be incredibly stupid to lie if he really wants to run for president. He gave out enough information at his press conference which, if there are any credible journalists left in the mainstream media, can be verified; things like how he had his two assistants interview his staff to get answers when the issue first came to light. And then there is the criticism by some who call Christie “vindictive” which is why he wouldn’t make a good president. How is it vindictive when you fire someone who lied to you? Or firing someone who did something as stupid as this? It’s called being a real leader, which Chris Christie appears to be.

Christie did three things which we haven’t seen since at least 2009 with another public leader. First he took ownership of the problem. While he claims he didn’t know about it, he took responsibility for what the people who work for him did. He didn’t say he knew nothing about it and that was it, say like someone who refuses to acknowledge a certain national healthcare plan has been a failure, and insists it isn’t. Or someone who claims he knew nothing about illegal guns the government sent to Mexico, the same guns which have been used to kill people including a border patrol agent. No, Christie owned the problem. He isn’t trying to duck it. He isn’t blaming someone else. He owns it.

The second thing Chris Christie did was he took action for the stupid thing his people did. He didn’t transfer them. He didn’t promote them, he fired them. He found out who was responsible, who broke his trust and he dealt with it. There was no hemming and hawing from his press secretary, there was no spin about how much pressure there is in the administration, there was no stalling until the whole thing blew over, he took immediate action. Unlike others who roll out a national healthcare website which has wasted billions of dollars and has failed, and continues to fail, he hasn’t backed the person responsible for this failure, he hasn’t insisted there is no problem, instead he took control and took action Chirs Christie showed what a real leader does.

And thirdly he did something else we don’t see from others. He apologized. He apologized to the citizens who elected him and who he represents, he apologized to the city of Fort Lee, including actually going to the city to meet in person with the mayor. It wouldn’t be surprising if, even though he isn’t responsible for the 91 year old woman who died, perhaps indirectly due to the traffic jam, he personally meets with the family and apologizes to them as well. Have there been any apologies to those who were killed in Benghazi? Have there been any apologies to all those who have lost their health insurance due to the ineptitude of another’s subordinates?

Yes, we will be subject to the left controlled mainstream media and their playing this up to more than it is for the next few years if Christie decides to run. They will forget about all the things democrats have done, far worse than this, and hammer and hammer him. And he will handle it like real leaders do.

November 2016 is a long way off but whether you like him or not, Chris Christie has shown what a real leader is. To answer a question asked by another potential candidate already being ordained, “What difference does it make?” All the difference in the world

Commentary by Paul Roy



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