Chris Kluwe: Outspoken Activist or Bitter Punter?

Chris Kluwe: Outspoken Activist or Bitter PunterReports have been making headlines once again about minorities and in this case, a defender of a minority. A former punter of the Minnesota Vikings, now a free agent, has now made claims against his former team and its coaches of homophobia and cutting him due to his views and outspoken nature. In turn, the Minnesota Vikings have adamantly denied the claims and now have hired investigators to look into the issue. Chris Kluwe’s outspoken nature had never become much of an issue until last year, but along with the questionable exposure, he wasn’t exactly a top performer at his position on his team.

The controversy surrounding the former punter may not have helped him keep a job on the Vikings, but his lackluster job performance and high pay rate at the position might have doomed his return in 2014. Chris Kluwe has been mediocre at best the last two years as a Punter, and quite frankly wasn’t worth the 1.5 million he was being paid at the position for this year if they hadn’t cut him. The NFL is a performance based league and if you aren’t performing, you’ll more than likely be replaced in the draft or in free agency, it’s quite simple. Things didn’t get better as Kluwe was also cut by the Raiders when he lost the Punter competition in the Raiders training camp. So, is Kluwe just taking out a little frustration or are his allegations true?

Minnesota has been involved in the news as of late. Events such as a Linebacker’s drinking and driving along with their Wide Receiver’s, not to mention Minnesota’s Love Boat Scandal back in 2005 are a few examples of negative press. The Vikings organization will not take this lightly though, hiring a former chief of Justice of the Supreme Court and also a former federal court attorney to look into the allegations. Mike Priefer is a well-respected man as a Special Teams Coach, not to mention the respect he receives from the Minnesota players. Many have also come out in force to voice their support of their coach. There has been no proof supplied by Kluwe as of yet to support his claim, but one would expect that if there is proof to be had it will be shown or voiced very soon.

As of now it’s hard to really look into the subject until Kluwe’s words are backed by evidence, but it is kind of odd he would wait this long to cause a stir like this. As an outspoken activist, and true to your beliefs, wouldn’t you be the first to cry foul immediately when once they are disrespected? We’ll have to wait and see what the investigators come up with in the coming weeks, but until then it really remains up in the air whether Kluwe is just looking to get back into the headlines or is living by his word. Maybe his silence over the past season is a reflection of his opinion regarding his actions.

By Justin Huffman


USA Today

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