Danish Woman Gang Raped in India: Three Arrested

Danish Woman gang raped in India: Three arrestedDelhi police in India have arrested three men over Tuesday’s gang rape of a Danish woman near a train station in the heart of the capital.

The 51-year-old Danish woman approached a bunch of men for directions losing her way back to her place, the Hotel Amax Inn, on Tuesday evening. The gang rape took place in the city’s Paharganj area, near the New Delhi train station, which is a popular shopping area and a haunt of international cuisine to foreign tourists. The Danish woman was allegedly beaten, robbed and then assaulted at knife-point for more than three hours by eight men.

According to police, the third suspect, Raju alias Bhajai (23),  a homeless man of Paharganj area, was arrested from South Delhi near Nizamuddiun railway station on Thursday afternoon. The other two arrestees, Mahender alias Ganja (25), and Raja, were captured near the spot of the crime. The accused suspects are all homeless, police said.

Police had recovered the Danish woman’s iPod and earphones from Mahender. Another suspect was found with the victim’s spectacle case, and a mobile phone that was bought with money stolen from the victim.

The victim claimed that eight men dragged her to an isolated spot, took turns raping her and at the end, robbed her. They took her iPod, earphones, watch, book, glasses and over $1,000 in cash. They even stole her jeans, and forced her to wear one of her attacker’s jeans.

She had arrived on Jan. 1, the Danish tourist left India on Wednesday morning, refusing to go through a medical checkup. She took a flight to Copenhagen.

The remaining five suspects accused in the crime have also been identified and police are raiding different provinces to arrest them, senior police officials said.

Sexual violence has seen an alarming surge in India, and the country continues to get attention in the world media since the December, 2012 gang rape and murder of a college girl in the capital Delhi on a moving public bus. The young medical student later died at a hospital in Singapore, leaving the whole country outraged. Ever since then, Delhi has been named as ‘‘a rape capital’’ by many media outlets.

An 18-year-old German girl was reportedly raped by a man sharing her compartment on a train travelling from Mangalore to Chennai in southern India on Friday. The woman was too frightened to shout for help.

A Swiss national was gang raped and her husband severely beaten by a group of local men when they were on a cycle tour in central India last March.

As foreigners have also been a good target, over the past year India has experienced less tourists than the previous years. The Indian government has already tightened laws on sexual violence, but the situation hasn’t yet improved. There was a 35% sharp drop in foreign female tourist arrivals in the first three months of 2013, according to a study revealed in April by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India.

In the year 2012,  a woman was raped every 21 minutes in India on average, according to the recent Indian National Crime Records Bureau data.

By Rahad Abir



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