Darryl Strawberry High on God’s Love Helps Others Get Sober

Darryl Strawberry High on God’s Love Helps Others Get Sober

Darryl Strawberry is helping others to get sober and  high on God’s love. He and wife Tracy are living testimonies that when you let go and get out of God’s way miracles manifest. For years he showed up out on baseball fields. Cocaine was his best friend in a very bad way. Strawberry stayed in the news with fans wondering if he was going to do something so stupid while high on substance that he would overdose or hurt someone in a coke frenzy.

Sober for a decade he and his wife Tracy were into ministry. As ordained ministers they share God’s love in thanks for sobriety. The couple met 15 years ago at a substance abuse conference in Miami.
In addition to drug habits they shared four previous marriages between them, two each. They are opening their second in patient treatment center in Central Florida and will host patients in recovery for substance abuse and concussions. This center follows a previous one opened in Texas. The couple plans on opening a third near New Jersey not far their home.

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center will service hurting people who Darryl and Tracy both know well, former parts of themselves. The center will also help athletes suffering the from the trauma of concussions. He wants them to deal with the brain and the heart to overcome trauma. He anticipates seeing a high number of brain injuries. God’s pleased watching a sober Darryl Strawberry as he gets high on love and helps others.

The brain and the heart two vital components of the living, will be the focus of the center’s work as Strawberry uses his past to help others have a substance free future.

He knows first hand the stigma associated with substance abuse. He knows his Higher Power doesn’t care what people think. He lived the life of party man while playing a game that is the dream career for millions, and threw so much away.

Coming down is never as much fun as going up. When one is going up they do not understand just how far down the depths of addiction can lead, looking up and giving thanks is played out by rote.

Strawberry is humble about his sobriety walk of ten years and at peace with his past. He is doing the kind of compassionate care work needed to maintain. He and Tracy are helping others to heal. The work in turn helps them. He says people talked about him in the shaming way that can people have when they see someone acting a fool and can’t stop them. He says they could not know how deep things went.

The philosophy within the non-denominational ministry served as the structure of the curriculum Tracy

The center’s medical doctor is also board certified addiction specialist. Dr. William Leach says the center will be able to approach addiction issues like no one else.

In owning his personal experience he says his paths belongs to him. He wants to help others on their healing journey. Darryl Strawberry gets high on God’s love and helps others get sober.

By C. Imani Williams



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