Duck Dynasty and the Reasons It’s Time to End It


Duck Dynasty 5 ReasonsProblems regarding the A&E network’s reality television show, Duck Dynasty, have been making news a little too often lately. They say that no publicity is bad publicity is bad publicity, but this doesn’t seem to be really true in this case. Below is a review of Duck Dynasty and the reasons it’s time to end it.

The show revolves around the Robertson family, who went from rags to riches by way of their family-operated business dedicated to selling products in demand for duck hunters: the Duck Commander. The show is set in Louisiana, and the cast consists of matriarch and patriarch Kay and Phil Robertson (respectively), their children and a few other individuals in their extended family.

Here are 5 reasons explaining why A&E should rethink their decision to continue on with Duck Dynasty for a fifth season:

1. Pointless factor: 100%

Yes, it may be true that most reality shows don’t really serve a true purpose, such as “Mob Wives” or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or even that one show about Honey Boo Boo. However, no one said those shows deserve the limelight, anyway. There is, admittedly, a very big difference between “Duck Dynasty” and “Mob Wives,” for example. Simply put, those shows are actually entertaining and relevant sometimes.

2. It’s Boring

What is so entertaining about watching a redneck (as their son Jase actively refers to himself) family live their lives? Nothing. Just…nothing.

3. Overly Controversial Controversy: Part One

And here’s the big one. Phil Robertson’s comments toward homosexuality have been making headlines for weeks. He has quoted bible verses that condemn homosexuality and has expressed alarming ideas about the LGBTQ community. One anonymous gay student at a local high school wrote a letter saying that, after Robertson’s comment, he “no longer felt safe in his community.” 

In response to this incident the A&E Network suspended Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” indefinitely, but he was reinstated due to the cast’s refusal to continue the show without him.

Talk about being punished for your actions, right?

4. Overly Controversial Controversy: Part 2

Phil Robertson once again made news for racial and homophobic comments. If he had been successful in creating an excuse regarding his stance against the rise of homosexuality by claiming that he had only been quoting verses from the bible, it is unlikely that he’d having a chance covering up or justifying this one. Robertson made a statement that, “Black people were ‘happy’ before they received their civil rights.” Apparently, Jim Crow Laws (laws that legalized the segregation of blacks from whites that came with a whole mess of other restrictions on blacks at the time) made black life absolutely peachy keen.

If this isn’t enough of an issue to stop promoting people who think in such a regressive way, what is? Should A&E kick back and relax until the KKK becomes a cool kids club in the south again?

5. Overly Controversial Controversy: Part 3

Apparently, racism and homophobia are just not enough to make the Robertson family look bad. This time, Phil Robertson decided to impart his flawless wisdom on his “fans” and “viewers.” The Louisiana family’s patriarch was caught on tape urging men to marry girls who are still in high school. These are girls who are 15 and 16 years old.

The man’s “advice” hasn’t stopped at borderline pedophilia. He had to throw in a little sexism to make the feminist movement happy as a clam. He told men who were looking for a wife to “make sure she can cook.”

But who would dare disagree? Women only belong in the kitchen, unless their husband has dropped crumbs of apple pie on the floor of the living room, because the only other female-appropriate job is cleaning.

Now go make him a sammich, woman.

By: Hend Salah

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