Efron and Crew Live ‘That Awkward Moment’ Everyone Experiences

EfronThat Awkward Moment, stars Zac Efron. Hang out with him and his crew as they live the game of love everyone experiences, but with some interesting twists. The romantic comedy is rated R, and while it has its share of familiarities, they are more than tolerable. Not to worry, the affable Efron (High School Musical) won’t disappoint. He found a good chemistry mix in co-stars Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) and Miles Teller; his boys are fun-loving and cool.

Like any movie worth its salt with 20 somethings in lead roles, it is not a shocker to find it heavily dosed in what popular culture wants to see and hear. Expect language to be social media laden. Everybody comes up with an awkward moment or two when embracing Facebook. Instagram isn’t doing its job and nor is Twitter if there are not some interesting funnies thrown in.

After all, what else would people reflect on as they create memories, to be looked backed on as “the good old days” thirty years from now?

Efron’s That Awkward Moment offers a look into the lives of three tightly bonded male friends who have their share of ups and downs. Always interesting is dialogue that takes place when one part of a trio is bonded through matrimony, leaving two single friend on the outside to play. It doesn’t matter if the married friend is male or female, someone is going to throw a bit of shade. In the case of That Awkward Moment, the shade is thrown with a bit of extra salt because Jordan’s character is headed to divorce court, compliments of a cheating spouse. This can only edge the two friends to do their best to stay single. Until, something that looks more like love, and less like a booty call shows up. As it does finding the fellows smitten.

The film cost $8 million to make and is expected to do very well over the biggest football weekend of the year. Written, by Tom Gormican, who will make his directing debut this is Super Bowl big. It is expected to pull in over $12 million between the U.S. and Canada. weekend.

This one, is targeted for young women who are just as likely to identify with female characters, as they are to point out the mistakes of males on the screen. It will be interesting to see, how many take the side of the cheating female wife in order to keep in line with female solidarity. Like Zac and his crew, movie goers will have to choose,just how to live and grow past that awkward moment, everyone experiences when faced with life choices.

The movie comes out in time for those seeking something new in the form of relationship potential to get moving. If skills are involved the groundwork can be laid just in time for the biggest romantic day of the year for many, Valentine’s Day.

Efron and crew give food-for-thought into just what it is that makes people want to run away or stay, when relationships turn the corner, becoming serious enough to warrant thinking about whether one is going to invest more time.

“Are we cool, or just okay?” Opinions vary and communication, along with overall attentiveness have the potential, to grow or flounder at the same time one person is falling hard. Just what to do? Maybe, guys will have enough pregame stamina to check out how Zac and his crew live up to manly decisions everyone guy experiences, when that awkward moment presents. Sounds like a good compromise.

By C. Imani Williams

New York Daily News
Huffington Post

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