Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Getting Married?

Emma RobertsAmerican Horror Story co-stars, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, are rumored to be getting married. Roberts was recently spotted with a diamond and pink ring on her wedding finger, and Peters apparently proposed during the holiday season.

The couple, who met on the set of Adult World, spent their Christmas together in New York and then flew to London for New Year’s. However, they have not yet confirmed their engagement. It was simply a chance of spotting the ring on Roberts’ finger while the pair were filming in New Orleans for the latest episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

Roberts joined the case of AHS in 2013, which Peters has been a part of since the first season. They play opposite each other in a twisted relationship between their on-screen characters and a third, played by Taissa Farmiga.

Roberts ended a relationship with Alex Pettyfer shortly before dating Evans.

However, their relationship has not always been happy, and Roberts’ aunt, Julie Roberts, is worried about how it could be in the future.

Roberts enjoys drama and often gets out of control when angry, according to friends. This is clearly evident by the arrest against the 22-year-old actress just six months ago. After calls from guests at the hotel they were staying at, she was arrested for domestic violence against Peters during an argument. Peters had bite marks and a bloody nose, while Roberts had bruises up her legs, according to reports. The 26-year-old AHS actor decided to drop the charges, which meant the case against Roberts could not go any further. With arguments like that, it does beg the question of whether Roberts and Peters should really plan to get married anytime soon.

Dropping the charges did not happen soon enough. The press found out about the arrest. Representatives for the couple informed the media that it was an “unfortunate incident” and something that the pair were working on repairing and moving past. Friends also deny the report of the bite marks.

Friends of the 22-year-old Scream 4 actress are reportedly worried about her. They worry she is partying too hard and will turn into the next Lindsay Lohan. The partying was one of the reasons for the arguments with her boyfriend during the summer. But it is not just her friends who are worried. Julie Roberts also frets about her niece on a regular basis. She recently explained how she always hopes her niece will be the same, charismatic girl she was the last time they saw her.

Julia Roberts also explained that it was much easier when she was growing up. There was not the expectation to allow the media further into her private life, like there is with young starlets today.

Peters and Roberts were friends before dating. They spent time together after filming Adult World, where their crushes turned into romance. They pair are “crazy in love,” but does that mean that it is time for Peters and Roberts to get married? There has been no mention of a set date or a confirmation that they really are engaged.

By Alexandria Ingham


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