FA Cup News: Arsenal Outdid Spurs as Man City Fails to Win

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In a much waited and talked about match against Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal earned three important points as they defeated their arch rivals to 2-0. Gunners, the toppers of the English Premier League, managed to establish a smooth home win by goals from Santi Cazorla and Tomas Rosicky. The Spanish midfielder scored the opening goal as Rosicky doubled the lead over Spurs. The Gunners are now possibly over the moon after winning this high profile game against strong rivals like Spurs. While Arsenal outdid Spurs, another big gun, Man City fails to win.

On another FA Cup match against Blackburn Rovers, the popular team of the English Premiere League, Man City spawned a somber draw. Hours before the clash of two titans between Arsenal and the Spurs, Man City upset its fans resulting in a 1-1 draw. The header from Alvaro Negredo and flick-on shot by Edin Dzeko earned some satisfaction, but it resulted seeing the winning opportunity getting seized by the team’s own errors.

Man City was in control of the match, having the strong ball possession over the session. Still, that could not give advantage to Man City to win over Blackburn Rovers, the second tier team. At Ewood stadium, Man City was constantly booed by the opponent supporters and they failed to bounce back. 10 minutes after the interval, Blackburn was gifted an equalizer giving Man City hard times. The home team managed to keep a draw on this hard-fought match as Man City’s Costel Pantilimon did a massive blunder on point blank range.

Manuel Pellegrini’s strong side kicked off with first team players – David Silva to Dzeko, Negredo to Nasri, all were on the team except Sergio Aguero. That could not save them as they rushed to gain three clear points over a not-so-strong team. While the Gunners or Spurs had and took advantage of the full opportunity to compete fiercely, Man City missed the opportunity to forge ahead peacefully.

The result against the Spurs is quite satisfactory for Arsenal. Santi Cazorla returned back into scoring habits while irregular starter Slavic stunner, Tomas Rosicky amassed some courage and confidence for the team and himself. Hopefully, this season is going to be great for the Gunners after a trophy drought for several years. The North London club is now returning back to its former spirit with veteran Frenchman Arsene Wenger. Today they totally outdid the Spurs while Man city struggled to keep it draw.

Arsenal Vs Spurs

Luck was not with Man City today. Boyata’s red card turned the last few minutes into a survival mission for the travelers, the favorites and Blackburn could have snatched a famous victory when Tom Cairney’s shot whistled a few inches wide. The match turned out “ironic” and not fruitful for both players.

Blackburn Rovers will face Man City once again in a 2nd leg match at Etihad Stadium. Man City may outshine the opponents as the component to win will be on their side. Still, the way the men of 10 on Man City fought against a 2nd tier team, is quite embarrassing. Previously, Man City lost the FA cup just minutes before the final whistle.  The way they lost the final was embarrassing to the club. The FA cup may pile pressure on them but their dream to run within the English Premier League is appeasing enough to earn strength.

While Man City completed a baffling draw, Arsenal’s win came at a cost as striker Theo Walcott faced an injury. He was compelled to leave the field on a stretcher. The knee injury numbed him along with the supporters of Arsenal.

On FA Cup, Man City is yet to find their spot properly even if they reign the EPL from top. After a previous heartbreaking final, Man City is not showing their character in FA cup. FA cup is infamous for making new heroes and winners. Soon, it will be seen whether it opens new door for sky blue men or does not proceed forward.

Gunners managed to outdo the opponents while Man City battled against the odds to keep it somber draw.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul




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