Facebook Allows Consumers to Read News in Page Application [Video]

Facebook now allows consumers to read the news with their Page application. The application called Page, lets users choose what news they want to read and lets them create sections of types of news they enjoy reading. The app will be divided up into two sections: the first section will take stories from users’ news feed while the second section will be made up of the sections users choose.

Users can also post the stories they find elsewhere to Facebook and post stories they find on Facebook onto the app. They will see the app in a “What You See Is What You Get” format, which means that the stories on the app look the same as it would if it was printed on paper. Consumers will be able to also choose from Facebook’s pre-created categories; the categories are sports, photography, science, food and design.

The app is not filled with buttons that users have to click to get to articles but instead lets them swipe their screen to jump from article to article. Facebook allows consumers to read the news using the Page application without the nuisance of ads. The app, which is being released on February 3 for iPhone is an ad-free app. The application is also more visually appealing with bright full color photos that appear on the main page of the app; small, white icons accompany the photos that users can push to navigate the application.

Facebook uses both well-known and newly created sources users can go to for their news. Videos will available as well and the app can be viewed in full screen; the videos will be set to play automatically. Users of the app will have to get used to the swiping since the app requires consumers to make certain gestures to use the app. Paper will remind users of the gestures if they forget or are not making the correct one. The stories change as the consumer tilts their phone and are presented in square cards. Each section is set up the same way; the home screen has a photo at the top with small cards at the bottom stating the news source the story comes from.

When users post their stories to Facebook, they will be able to see exactly how their post will appear when it is posted on Facebook. Mike Matas, the product designer for the app, wants people to see Paper as a new app and not just another way to access Facebook. He also says that the app can be seen as a publishing tool that can be used to publish and view great content. The group that created the app says that Paper is not a replacement for the Facebook app but a chance for the company to try out something different from what they have done before and to also get another icon on user’s iPhone screen.

Facebook is creating a new way to view news by allowing consumers to read news in the Page application. This application lets users read news by clicking small icons to view both stories from their News feed and specific pre-created categories. Users can see new stories by tilting their phone and will find new and well-known news sources. The company knows that people are drawn to using applications and plans to release more applications in the future.

By Jordan Bonte

The Verge

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