Full House Cast Reunites as Jimmy Fallon Goes to Tonight Show [Video]

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Cast members from the show Full House reunited on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to tuck him into bed for one of his last nights before taking over the Tonight Show. That’s right, Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse appeared on Late Night to help Jimmy deal with his fears of transitioning hosting gigs, and to promote a Super Bowl ad.

To open the show, Jimmy lays in bed, in the bedroom set up and decorated as an exact replica of Michelle Tanner’s room, with colored pencil bed posts and all. The oddly flattened teddy bear, circa 1987, hangs just above the wallpaper border that circles the entire room. This is priceless nostalgia for anyone who watched Full House when it aired from 1987 to 1995.

With Jimmy Fallon playing the role of Michelle Tanner, the sketch starts with Jimmy Fallon waking up and yelling “Dad! Dad!” which triggers the on-air reunion of the Full House cast coming into the bedroom to soothe Jimmy after a nightmare he has about being prepared to host the Tonight Show. Danny Tanner, who is of course Bob Saget, asks Jimmy what is wrong and the slow music begins. John Stamos and Dave Coulier join as Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey to assist Danny Tanner in comforting Jimmy.

By the end of the heartwarming conversation, Jimmy is not as afraid of hosting the Tonight Show, but it still a little sad about leaving Late Night. In an effort to cheer up young Jimmy, Uncle Joey busts out his Ranger Joe and Mr. Woodchuck bit, but Danny Tanner believes that a song will do the trick. Who would Uncle Jesse channel other than the King of Rock and Roll? The three men collaborate on an a cappella version of Elvis Presley’s (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear while Jimmy sits up in bed, smiling and clapping along.

The following video shows the sketch from start to finish, with the song that the cast of Full House sang together to cheer up Jimmy Fallon.

For Full House fans everywhere the almost five minute sketch recaptures the essence of the show and offers a great way for Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier to reunite and promote the actual reunion that is in the works. First stop: Super Bowl Sunday. The trio shot a commercial for Oikos, Dannon’s version of Greek yogurt, that will appear at some point this Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in New York. While speaking with Andy Cohen on the show, Watch What Happens Live, John Stamos hinted that there may be more to come from the Full House gang. With little information, and nothing yet confirmed, for right now the Oikos commercial  and a string of P.R., is all Full House fans are getting.

For those who watched Full House, the cast reuniting in Michelle Tanner’s bedroom, for one of Jimmy Fallon’s last shows before he goes to the Tonight Show, is a big deal. The video on YouTube, through the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon channel, has over 2 million views and counting. What could the demand for an official reunion, possibly with more cast members involved  and maybe even a spin-off, inspire?

By K. Corrine Van Vliet

Huffington Post
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