‘Full House’ Takes on the Super Bowl

Full House Takes on the Super Bowl

Everyone has seen the commercials where woman dive into a cup full of Oikos yogurt and magically see John Stamos appear, but this time anyone who eats Oikos will get three for the price of one as two other members of the beloved series, Full House will be joining Stamos. In a recent announcement joined by a teaser clip, Oikos has announced that they will take on the Super Bowl in 2014 with a commercial that will host three of the cast members of the past series Full House. This announcement does not just make viewers happy about yogurt but also about the three men who were introduced in the 90’s and are still seen on re-runs to this very day.

That’s right ladies who have ever crushed on the “dads” of Full House! Danny (Bob Saget), Joey (Dave Collier), and even “Have Mercy” Jesse (John Stamos) will star in a commercial about Oikos yogurt. This seems very fitting to many viewers and producers as John Stamos has been the guy for Oikos commercials and ‘Oikos’ means house, so of course they pull the other stars of Full House.

Full House was a series that was introduced in 1987 and ran for five years, though re-runs are still making money today, almost twenty years later. In the show Bob Saget played a single dad whose brother-in-law and longtime friend moved in to help him raise his three little girls. The tale produced an innocent coming-of-age story where three (later five) adults and three (later five) kids all lived in the same house in San Francisco. Oikos uses this part of the sitcom to their advantage as the teaser shows the commercial seeming to spin-off on the fact that the three guys, Danny, Jesse, and Joey still all live together.

As the commercial has already stirred up much excitement many people who tune in just for the infamous Super Bowl commercials are sure to be tuned in for this specific advertisement. After all, who would want to miss a mini-reunion of Full House? While commenting on the commercial John Stamos, the actor who already represents the brand Oikos, stated that fans are sure to get a laugh and enjoyment out of the commercial as Full House takes on the Super Bowl. He also said that he is sure fans will not be disappointed on Super Bowl Sunday.

After the announcement that Oikos made many rumors started flying around that other 90’s sitcom actors were reuniting for other commercials to be aired during the game. Seinfield seems to be the most prominent of the rumors as people claim that they saw cast members of Seinfield filming together, though none of the cast members have confirmed the filming of a Super Bowl commercial.

The Super Bowl this year will put the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks for the chance to be Super Bowl champions in 2014. The game this year will be hosted in East Rutherford, NJ at MetLife Stadium. Kick off begins at 5:30 p.m. on Fox.

Some of last years most remembered Super Bowl commercials came from M&M’s, Nissan, Doritos, and many other top brands. As Oikos takes on the Super Bowl with their own commercial backed by Full House cast they may end up being in the top commercials of Super Bowl 2014. Fans who are anxious to see the new commercial should be sure and tune in this Sunday!

By Crystal Boulware

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