Google Chromecast Free with Reduced Moto X Purchase

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The Google flagship phone Moto X 16GB has been reduced permanently to $399 off of contract. Now customers can purchase the Moto X and add a Chromecast streaming device for free. Customers can easily route to the Motorola website, add the two devices and during checkout, enter the promotional code: “STREAM” for the deal to process.

The Moto X is equipped with impressive specs, that is commonly overlooked for Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone.  With a 4.7-inch screen, a robust RGB AMOLED 720p display – the Moto X packs a nice punch. Dash in the Motorola X8 architecture with a 1.7GHz, quad-core Adreno 320 GPU, the $399 is becoming a steal. In addition, the Moto X has a 10-megapixel  rear facing camera and a front facing 2MP camera equipped with 1080p HD video. Some features encompass Motorola Connect, which allows customers to read/reply and even see who is calling the phone, right from a desktop or laptop. Motorola Assist is available to announce who is calling or texting when a customer is driving. The smart capabilities of the phone pick up Bluetooth to even play music. The Moto X is packed with amazing features.

In addition to the enjoying all of the features and reduced price of the Moto X, customers can receive a free Google Chromecast streaming device, upon purchase. The dongle provides the ability to streaming channels such as HBO GO, Netflix and more. Consider it a scaled down version of Roku 3 and Apple TV. Typically, priced at $35, receiving it free upon purchase of the Moto X makes it a sweeter deal.

Google Chromecast Free with Reduced Moto X Purchase

Customers can easily plug the HDMI device to their television and connect to a WiFi network. Consumers would then either download the app (on that new Moto X) or even the desktop application. Since the Google Chromecast device is just a dongle, one would need a compatible tool for launching the apps and following prompts. The Moto X can be used for this purpose or the computer. Users will be able to access, as previously mentioned, HBO GO and Netflix but in addition apps and channels like HuluPlus, YouTube, Vevo, Google Play, Pandora, Plex, PostTV and more are available at a touch.

In addition to the recent boost of correlating the sale of the Moto X with the Chromecast device, Google received additional assistance. WWE officials handed out Chromecast devices to media representatives in attendance during CES 2014. WWE is launching their own streaming network of non-stop, around the clock wrestling entertainment.  The merging of the wrestling titan with the technology king could prove to be a positive and powerful sale for consumers.

While developers anxiously wait for Google to give the green light to third party APIs, consumers are enjoying a great, bundle deal. For $399, consumers can purchase the 16GB Moto X, the 32GB is available for $449 – in addition to buying either model, a free Chromecast device will be added to the purchase. The special is due to expire on January 14 or as supplies sell out. Looking for a new phone and cable alternative? Motorola’s site details the sale and customers can even choose to customize their Moto X for greater affordability in pricing. Heading to buy? Share in the comments.


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