Google Glass Ogles at Prescription Lens Forecasts

Google Glass is Introducing a new Technological Eye Era

Many people with glasses or contact lenses may have already decided that “Google Glass is not for me,” but with the publicity streaming through the media lately of the unnerving and seamless new world that could be encountered, maybe they’ll try them anyway, depending on the price.  In any case, Google Glass is ogling at the prescription lens forecasts, hoping to persuade hesitant patients to take the plunge.

There’s a big chance that eye-glass wearers will see it as a deal breaker if the price creeps anywhere over $500 with more on top for prescription lenses.  When these costs are piled with the optometrist fees, the strange new world through eyes of Google Glass, and the over-technological appearance, it may be a double deal breaker.

Other factors that will play a big role in the market include whether prices decrease in the months after Google Glass is first sold, how much developers of apps can invest and create programs for Glass, and finally, the most questionable factor – cultural acceptance.  Wearing computerized glasses is conspicuous right now, and there are undeniable privacy issues as well as safety issues that will likely hold back sales until Google can work out solutions to these problems.

Industry experts are predicting that certain professionals will lunge for the Google Glass spectacles first.  Most likely they will first be adopted by medical, scientific and photography specialists. If these influential movers and shakers benefit from Glass, their recommendations will fuel others to follow, at least that is the ideal outlook.

For those who know Google Glass will benefit them, but have no choice but to buy prescription lenses, what will it cost? Thoughts of astronomical piles of cash floating out of bank accounts come to mind.

Google Glass Ogles Analyses and Options to Succeed in Market

Rochester Optical has emerged with pricing starting at $99, and that means that anyone with a bit of astigmatism or any sort of nuances other than slightly far-sighted or near-sighted eyesight would be looking at much more than $99, to put it into a realistic frame work, and yes, a pun is intended.

Richmond Optical plans to open up sales for the special lenses after January 10th.  Meanwhile, Google Glass is ogling at forecasts about marketing schemes and analyses to help sell prescription lens.

The team at BI Intelligence has made some general predictions.  What they have described is that sales of Google Glass will take off strongly in the early years after it hits the market.  The team at BI is forecasting 21 million Glass products will be sold annually by the finish of 2018.  If Google keeps the price more affordable at $500 each, the market projection could reach a whopping $10.5 billion per year!  This cost projection is considered most likely, but the BI team has calculated different levels of sales projects from low to high that could vary, depending on a number of different factors.  In a more in-depth report, the team explained what model and method they applied to reach these forecasts, and by subscribing to their service, readers can access visual charts showing data that can be downloaded and applied wherever it could be useful.

Google Glass Opens up a Techno-Sight World

Clinicians at Rochester Optical have said that their products can be easily ordered online.  The mounting frames will be sold in colors matching Google Glass hues.  Google Glass and Rochester Optical are not working together on these plans.  It is clear that Rochester Optical has dived into the unknown but exciting realm of forthcoming eye technology and fashion.  Yet even if a respectable vendor such as 80-year-old Rochester Optical has embraced modern directions of eye techno-fashion, will everyday consumers start wearing their computerized eyes as well?  This question cannot be answered yet.

Meanwhile, Google Glass is not the only one ogling at prescription lens possibilities to make market forecasts more hopeful.  Other optical and vision dealers are plotting schemes to make their mark into the cash streams as well, while the consumers watch wondering how this new techno-eyeglasses phase will fly.

By Danelle Cheney

Business Insider

Android Community




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