Google Nexus 10 Now Out of Stock

GoogleGoogle has been very quiet on new developments and the first generation Google Nexus 10 is now out of stock on the Play Store.   Since October 2013 the internet had been buzzing with rumors of the second generation.  That date has been pushed back each month as the tech giant refuses to release anything new. However, rumors are ripe again concerning the next generation of Google Nexus.

Most stores ran out of stock of the 16 GB version in October and refused to restock. However, the 32 GB has still been around and selling. It has only been the last few days that the 32 GB finally sold out and there is no word on whether Google will have more made. There is that chance, but this is also the perfect time to release something new.

Rumors of the creator of the Nexus 10 2 have included Asus and Samsung. However an inventory listing picture was tweeted by @evleaks, which noted the Google Asus Nexus 10. Considering Samsung manufactured the first one, it hints towards a new device by a new manufacturer. For those still waiting for a new Nexus 10 device, this might be an indicator that something new is coming soon.

However, @evleaks deleted the tweet shortly afterwards indicating that it had been sent to multiple publications with some contradicting evidence. The owners of the account found out after @JakeOSmith tweeted information about receiving a photo from a slightly different angle, and in black. Twitter user @JakeOSmith included a link to a report on Pocket-lint but that has also since been removed.

There is no confirmation that the photos really came from Google and @evleaks puts it down to a hoax. However, the timing was perfect with the Google Nexus 10 now out of stock.

Other indications that there will be a new Google tablet out is the Nexus 7 continually dropping in price. According to the International Business Times, the price reduction really means that something new is coming. That does not necessarily mean it will be the Nexus 10 2. Some of the rumors around the internet are that Google is working on a Nexus 8. Those are rumors that started back in October around the release of the Nexus 7 2.

There are a lot of contradicting rumors at the moment making it hard for people to decide whether to wait and save up or buy something else. While the tweet of the inventory suggested Asus as the manufacturer, CNET suggests that Samsung will be the manufacturer and that it will run Android 4.5 instead of the most recent Android 4.4 operating system. These suggestions come from the pictures seen by Pocket-lint.

All anyone can do right now is wait for some confirmation from Google. However, with the release of previous devices, like the Nexus 5 being so quiet, it has led to many people wondering whether the tech giant will do the same again. The fact that the Google Nexus 10 is now out of stock on the Play Store is an indication that something new is coming, but no definite word as to what that something new could be.

By Alexandria Ingham


Christian Post


International Business Times

2 Responses to "Google Nexus 10 Now Out of Stock"

  1. John   January 16, 2014 at 7:13 am

    Oh, and just why are Google Play devices not available in the UK? When will they be available? Google please enlighten us?

  2. John   January 16, 2014 at 7:11 am

    Having sat on a decision to buy a tablet for around 3 months now, I am unfortunately resigned to an iPad unless I hear something concrete from Google by the end of January! From comments I have seen elsewhere, the silence is certainly doing Google no favors, and with the new series of Galaxy Tabs just around the corner, an announcement from Google about now would be very helpful.

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