Guns Violence and Children

Guns killing children increases every year. The public cries. Parents march. The cemetery fills up with young people under the age of 18. The laws are set up to protect the firearm as opposed to the thousands of children being violently murdered every year. The battle between gun owners and victims of gun violence continues and elevates higher and higher with both sides stating solid arguments to defend their rights.

Until a person has been confronted in their home in broad daylight or late at night by a criminal pointing a gun with the intent to rob and/or kill, it is difficult to tell a citizen they need to get rid of their gun. To gun owners, a gun represents protection for their family. The gun determines whether or not they will wake up tomorrow to be with their families. The thought of not being able to have that protection in their possession inside the home is terrifying for many people to conceive. The public needs to know that they can defend their life if a situation arises.

The other side, however, has the argument that the laws in place do not protect innocent citizens from being murdered when firearms land in the wrong hands. The city of Chicago has been a huge topic on gun violence over the past several years. The murder rate of children increases every year in Chicago. It has been brushed under the rug because many who do not reside in the inner city believe these killings are all gang related. Little do they know the beautiful city of Chicago has been renamed Chiraq. A city that was once known for its rich culture, blues & jazz, and beautiful skyline is now a war zone on the south and west side of the city. The gun fire is slowly making its way up to the North Shore to the affluent areas of the city. Now everyone is waking up to Chiraq when it starts to spill into new backyards. Business owners have to shut business down early before dark falls because their streets suddenly become a war zone after 5 p.m. The Chicago Police Department has brought to the public’s attention via the media that the majority of the young African Americans murdered in Chicago were not affiliated with gangs. They were children playing in a park, walking home from school, or standing in their own front yard and gunned down by the hands of another youth. These automatic weapons are being purchased and placed in the hands of a teenager who does not know how to use it, so they just shoot. Whoever happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (no matter how young) becomes a casualty. There isn’t a rhyme or reason behind their targets – just children killing children. The big questions are who, what, when, where and how are these children getting access to semi-automatic weapons. The argument is the laws need to be made just as strict for minors carrying guns as drinking alcohol for the underage.

As reported on NBC News, an average of 7,000 children are hospitalized for gun wounds every year; and another 3,000 do not survive the gun wounds. This equals at least 10,000 children hurt by firearms each year. The United States leads in more children dying by guns in comparison to other countries. America is firm on not allowing underage drinking. Alcohol is much easier to get access to from a liquor store with a fake ID than walking into a gun shop at the age of 15 and walking out with an AK-47. Many are starting to believe it might not be the law that is causing the fatalities in American children; it is simply corruption operating outside the law. Guns killing children increases at an alarming rate and it has been a losing battle to put an end to it. Is it the law that is hurting the youth or plain old simple evil versus good…and evil is winning?

Editorial by Meleika Gardner


NBC News
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3 Responses to "Guns Violence and Children"

  1. Martin Hedington   January 28, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Instant ‘dead give-away’ for the nature of the article. Pic with a child pointing two obvious TOYS, (to any responsible, informed gun owner) ‘intimidatingly’ at the viewer. Thing is, its only intimidating to non-informed viewers, neat trick, clever propaganda. The article itself is -of course- pure BS.

  2. Wilhelm von Mayer   January 27, 2014 at 11:29 am

    “These automatic weapons are being purchased and placed in the hands of a teenager who does not know how to use it, so they just shoot. ”

    Nobody, adult or children are using automatic weapons. Please educate yourself on the topic before writing such a ridiculous claim.

  3. Joseph Moe   January 27, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Where’s your stats? According to the FBI violent crime including homicide by gun have been reducing more than 50% since the 70’s. So again, show me your stats.

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