iPhone 4 Inspiration For India

iPhoneThere is inspiration behind the thinking that the iPhone 4 will once again be the best selling smart phone in India. The folks at Apple are doing their best to recreate once more a substantial market growth in India. Their current place is only at 1.3 percent and the profits dropped last year by 33 percent.

The reappearance of the iPhone 4 in India will come with additional sales perks. The phone will retail for about 15,000 rupees or around $250.00. There will also be a buy back option for credit towards the phone. If a person brings in an old phone from any other company, it will be deducted off the price of the new phone.

Apple’s plan is to make the phone a lot more affordable than the current phones they have on the market. This was not the only thinking and inspiration for sales that encouraged them to bring the iPhone 4 back to India. They needed a phone that would be able to compete with rival smart phone companies. Apple also decided to include a payment plan to make it easier for people to buy the phone. It has partnered with banks to make owning an iPhone in India a reality.

The phone that Apple is planning to re-launch will be the 8GB iPhone 4. Production of this model iPhone stopped back in 2013. Refurbished phones and older inventory worldwide will be used now for shipment to India. The iPhone 4 is four years old and used to be ranked at the top of the charts for phone sales.

Everything included with the original 8GB iPhone 4 will be available with this release. Apple has already begun the advertising campaign in India. The response has been upbeat.

India was one of the last countries to receive the iPhone 4 in 2010. Sales soared and by 2011 there were over one million iPhones shipped out. When the iPhone 5 surfaced, Apple stopped shipping the iPhone 4 to India. The cost of the iPhone 5 was over $800.00. Other companies began to take over by offering less expensive phones. Samsung and Nokia were two of those companies.

The iPhone 5C was supposed to be a more affordable model. In India, this was not the case. It ended up selling for about 30,000 rupees or around $500.00. Samsung and Nokia sold their phones priced in the $300.00 range. This was an unexpected and unforeseen glitch for Apple after the previous welcoming reception of the iPhone 4 just a few years earlier.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 4 again within the next week or two. There is a possibility of it being released in conjunction with the Republic Day holiday in India. Republic Day falls on January 26th.

Apple is hoping for sales to soar for the second time. The out of the box thinking and inspiration to bring the iPhone 4 back to India is in motion. The excitement and anticipation of this phone from the past being new again is building. If the plan works, Apple could very well be back on top again as the leader in smart phone sales for India.

by: Saki Kahala



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