Jennifer Lawrence, the Gorgeous, the Goofy and the Genuine

Jennifer Lawrence The Goof The Gorgeous The GenuineIn the sea of Hollywood stars flooding into Los Angeles for the award season this month, Jennifer Lawrence paddles about in her own boat.  The star, known for being gorgeous and goofy, has become recognised world wide through her genuine personality and tell it like it is style.

Lawrence began acting at 14. She appeared in a number of small films and bit parts for TV.  In 2010, her career gained traction after she landed the lead role in Winter’s Bone.  Successive roles have shown the breadth and depth of her acting style.  This was finally recognised in 2012 when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress, along with several other accolades, for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

A rare telephone interview from one of her earlier roles, The Burning Plains shows hints of her distinct character.  She reveals in the interview that she is inspired by the Monty Python classic The Holy Grail, apologizing that she couldn’t think of a more artsy movie.  In her early television interviews, she appears shy and earnest, yet there are hints of a young confident actress to come.  An interviewer in Toronto where Lawrence was promoting Winter’s Bone, asks her about how she chooses the films she appears in.  Candidly she replies that she chooses scripts that are not stupid, referencing the number of roles that require dizzy blondes in Hollywood.  This is a hint of the forthright actress to come.

Lawrence now has a reputation of not shying away from controversial comments.  In a red carpet interview with Guiliana Rancic, she complained that her dress was pushing up the fat into her armpits, which she described as ‘armpit vaginas’.   Reactions to her comment in this instance have been mixed.  She has been accused of ‘body-snarking’ or self-critical behavior, but fans of Lawrence take this as just one in a long line of unedited comments that are a feature of Lawrence’s candid behavior.  Her openness to this subject is backed up by an appearance on Conan where she was promoting American Hustle only to come out with a story about sex toys.  Lawrence stated that the toys were a prank gift that she hid under her bed in her hotel, only to return and find them proudly displayed by the hotel maid on her bedside table.

Fans of Jennifer Lawrence, or JLaw, as she is affectionately titled, refer to her as the queen of the internet.  She is held in high esteem across social media, with pictures and quotes of her various antics appearing daily.  It is undoubtable that she is aided through her gorgeous looks, but it is the goofy, genuine side of Lawrence that keeps a high turnover of pictures and gifs.  Whole Tumblrs are devoted to the expressions she pulls when photographed on the red carpet. At the Golden Globes, where she debuted a white Cristian Dior dress with black straps, she photobombed Taylor Swift during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. The internet responded with “Lawrencing,” imitating her dress and expression using belts and duvets.  Star of Arrow, Colton Haynes was amongst the Lawrencing responses.

An act of Lawrencing
An act of Lawrencing

Fans feel a connection with Lawrence as she acts like a normal person in regards to her acting peers.  She has admitted to being a huge fan of Jeff Bridges and when given the opportunity to meet him during Comic Con, she rushed over and interrupted his interview;  then panicked and tried to run away.  Bridges called her back and she was invited to continue his interview.  Equally hilarious is her meeting Damian Lewis, the star of Homeland.  Lawrence clung to the wall when she was asked by the reporter for Access Hollywood, Shaun Robinson, if she would like to meet Lewis.  A minute later Robinson lets slip a major spoiler for the end of Homeland’s season three, much to Lawrence’s chagrin.  Lawrence responds in her typical style with a statement about how she was way beyond anger, but with another feeling that she describes as  “it’s this weird other emotion. I feel like my heart just fell out.”

Jennifer Lawrence’s singular style remains goofy and gorgeous without feeling forced, making her one of the most genuine relatable actors in the present day.

By Sara Watson


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