Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Cuddle in Deleted Picture (Update)

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[Updated]: It appears the link is working again or an incorrect link was originally linked on Bieber Twitter page and reported by a few celebrity outlets as deleted, that has since been corrected. The picture displays the cuddling moment between Bieber and Gomez (seen below). Only time will tell if Gomez will officially state she and the Biebs are back together. Thanks to a viewer for sharing the information with us.

[Original Story]: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spotted together several times over the last few weeks. The two young stars were seen on their Segways near Bieber’s home. A driver stated he was awestruck to see Gomez and she was all smiles, very nice. Whereas, states the annoyed citizen, Bieber was holding up traffic and reportedly told him to, “f*** off,” prior to going by on his Segway. Then the Biebs posted a picture of himself, but he was not alone. Gomez had her arms around Bieber and he listed the caption “Love the way you look at me.” Jelena fans rejoiced.

Selfie posted then deleted
Selfie posted

Fans who visited Bieber’s Twitter page saw an update to click a link over to Instagram, except that leads to a “Page Not Found” error. It appears the picture has been deleted or incorrectly linked per Celebs Gather.  The picture was originally snapped in the wee hours leading into Saturday morning, giving the illusion the former power couple may had spent the night together.

The response overall for the couple reuniting seems to be lukewarm, well except for those stated Jelena fans. Bieber has been running into some serious trouble over the past year and his antics may had left a bad aftertaste for Gomez. It makes many wonder why the two continually to be snapped together – it seems Gomez just cannot quit Bieber.

Or it could be needing a supportive hand. Recently, the beautiful singer was diagnosed reportedly with Lupus prompting her to cancel tours in Asia and Australia to dedicate “me time.” Reports originally surfaced Gomez may had suffered a breakdown, but it appears the reports of Lupus may be more accurate.

Sufferers of Lupus consistently struggle with fatigue, swollen joints with pain, skin rashes and more. It is understandable why the starlet needed to take a break from her busy schedule to dedicate time to recover. It seems a path of her recovery may had lead into the arms of her former love, Bieber. It appears it is the headline making singer that is proud to promote moments with his on/off again lady.

The on/off again couple on Segways
The on/off again couple on Segways

It also appears Gomez may not be as keen to share their moments so publicly. Well beyond the already rampaging lights on the cameras of the paparazzi. The singer has remained mums the word on her relationship status with Bieber and she certainly has not posted pictures alluding to the fact the two are together.

Besides focusing on selfies with his ex-girlfriend, Bieber has to handle publicity, again. His entourage is yet again accused of assault. Late last month, a member of the Boyfriend crew was accused of assaulting a limo driver in Toronto, stated police. Reportedly, Bieber was named to be sitting in the limo when the altercation occurred. The police did not list the limo company or name of the driver. It seems Bieber should focus more on getting his entourage together.

In the world of Gomez, if she is looking to manage a medical condition, less drama is more. She should be firm in this arena and hopefully makes that clear to Bieber. The starlet needs less stress to recover, regardless due to stress or Lupus. Bieber may not be the best outlet, especially with his antics as of late. Bieber and Gomez were seen cuddling in the picture. Back together or testing the waters? Thoughts or opinions? Share in the comments.


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