Justin Bieber Arrested for Drag Racing and DUI

Justin BieberJustin Bieber seems to be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. But what were merely harmless flirtations with criminal behavior has turned into an arrest on charges of drag racing and a DUI.

Miami Beach Police say that they arrested the 19 year old singer after catching him drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini on a strip in Miami early Thursday morning. Later, the singer failed a sobriety test issued by police.

In a bizarre turn in the intersection of social media and law enforcement the police department actually tweeted a confirmation of the pop-stars arrest, including their official account of the incident. Maybe their phone lines were jammed with fans calling, hoping it wasn’t true.

Officers on the scene say they saw two cars that were street racing at 4:09 a.m. Thursday morning. They also report that there were two more vechicles used to block off the area so that the race could take place uninterrupted. According to Sgt Bobby Hernandez, the Miami-Dade Police spokesman the second car was a red Ferrari and Bieber was definitely driving the yellow Lamborghini. Both drivers were arrested and both cars were towed.

After the arrest and after Bieber failed his on site sobriety test he was reportedly taken to Miami Beach police station were he underwent a Breathalyzer and further processing and was formally charged with a DUI and drag racing. He will be transferred to Miami-Dade County Jail, but when that will take place has not been confirmed. Also, considering the nature of his arrest, his prior record and his wealth fans of the star do not have to worry about him spending too much time in jail before his hearing because he will most certainly post bail.

On site officers report that the street Bieber was arrested for drag racing on is lined with palm trees and is a residential area in the mid-Miami Beach area. There are apparently apartment buildings on one side, a firehouse, high school, a youth center and a golf course make up the other side for anyone looking to track the exact location down. The street address was not given by police.

This arrest is a continuation for Bieber’s recent lifestyle, but clearly the most important of his charges. Earlier this month he was suspected of egging a neighbor’s house and one of entourage was actually arrested in the event. Drug procession has also been trailing Bieber since the incident both with his entourage and concerning his own personal possessions.

Bieber lives in a celebrity populated community about 30 miles north of Los Angeles called Calabasas. The community is gated. In October Bieber was charged with reckless driving by one of his neighbors but drugs and alcohol were never confirmed in that case.

The 19 year old pop star who was arrested early Thursday morning for DUI and for drag racing will certainly suffer some backlash from his fans for this incident. He will also assuredly bounce back. Bieber fans will now be curious to see what kind of road their favorite singer takes after this event, whether it is the same excess driven one or one with more casual moderation.

By Nick Manai


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