Justin Bieber Arrested on DUI and Drag Racing Suspicion

Justin BieberJustin Bieber has been arrested on suspicion of DUI and drag racing. It seems he cannot keep himself on the right side of the law this year.

The Canadian pop star was in Miami from Monday, where he was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning, according to CNN. This is the 19-year-old’s first arrest, despite being under suspicion of throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house, at the start of January.

Californian police have searched Bieber’s home to find more evidence to connect him to the egg-throwing incident. They requested the password to the singer’s cell phone, who refused to hand over the information. Without a warrant to investigate his cell, the police had to hope the Baby singer would work with them to clear his name.

There have been other incidents in the past that have led to Bieber being spoken to by police officers. One of those involved a spitting incident, with another neighbor, in March 2013. There were also complaints about the noise at parties at his home, but no charges were ever formally brought against him.

In May 2012, Bieber was also accused of battery. A photographer claimed that the, then-17-year-old, singer had assaulted him while taking photos outside Calabasas shopping center. Selena Gomez – Bieber’s girlfriend at the time – was also there. The photographer’s claims were rejected by prosecutors.

The arrest for suspicion of DUI and drag racing is not the first time that Bieber has been questioned over incidents involving vehicles. His neighbors previously claimed that the young singer raced sports cars up and down their street; there was never any evidence of this, however, meaning police were unable to make an arrest.

This time Bieber was caught in the act. Police pulled over a yellow Lamborghini that the star was driving. He was given a sobriety test, which he failed. Miami Beach Police issued a statement on its Twitter feed, shortly after the arrest took place. They updated that announcement to say that R&B singer Khalil Sharief was also arrested in conjunction with the crimes. Sharief was driving a red Ferrari at the time he was pulled over.

According to Police Chief Raymond Martinez, the Canadian singer was incoherent and under the influence of drugs. He also resisted arrest by keeping his hands in his pockets. There was no violence at the time. During the arrest, Bieber did not have a driver’s license. He was taken straight to the police station, but will be moved to a county jail for full processing and for bail to be set.

The police department went into more detail about the drag racing, which is alleged to have occurred at around 4:30 a.m.; Bieber had left a club, just beforehand. ABC News has stated that Pine Tree Drive had been blocked by cars, owned by Bieber’s friends, and helped to create a drag strip for those involved.

The young singer has acted out a lot recently and has been in trouble with the law. Will an arrest for the suspicion of drag racing and DUI make Bieber think about where his life is going and help him change?

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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