Justin Bieber Drugs, Rehab and Deportation According to ICE Official

Justin Bieber facing deportation

Justin Bieber: drugs, rehab and deportation, according to an ICE official, are what the future holds for the pop superstar. Teenage idol Bieber has once again found himself in hot water, but unlike his previous brushes with the law, he may be paying a hefty price for his latest antic.

Bieber has a long history of creating havoc, raising mischief and acting in a belligerent manner towards his fans and paparazzi. While his past actions have giving Bieber’s reputation a black eye, he’s never faced the kinds of penalties he is now facing.

Bieber was charged with egging his neighbor’s multi-million dollar mansion; he caused over $20,000 in damages, raising the bar from a misdemeanor charge to a felony. In addition, to the extensive amount of damages Bieber caused, police searched his Calabasas, CA home where drugs were also found, raising suspicions about Bieber’s drug use.

TMZ has reported Bieber is being pushed to enter rehab for his use of a drug mixture commonly referred to as sizzurp although Bieber’s crew calls it “lean.” The concoction contains promethazine (an antihistamine drug), and codeine mixed with a Jolly Rancher and Sprite. The dangerous combination causes seizures. It is suspected sizzurp was linked to Lil Wayne’s hospitalization. TMZ also reported Bieber was using prescription pills, specifically Xanax, along with marijuana and alcohol. Family and friends feel some time in rehab would be the best for him. Justin Bieber, drugs, rehab but what else could his egging stunt cost him? He could lose his right to remain in the United States legally and deportation, according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official.

Justin Bieber was admitted into the U.S. with an O-1 visa, or a performance visa, which is issued to immigrants with extraordinary talent in science, education, business, arts or athletics. Bieber allegedly caused $20,000 worth of damage by egging his neighbor’s mansion, which trumped up the misdemeanor vandalism to a felony charge once the damage exceeded $400. If convicted, Justin Bieber may be deportable under the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 237 or Section 238 (b). Depending on convictions, Bieber could face an immigration judge or possibly be deported under an administrative removal order issued by an ICE Field Office Director without ever seeing an immigration judge. If deported, Bieber will not be allowed in the country for the next ten years, possibly for life if convicted under Section 238(b).

Immigration attorney Mitchell Ignatoff stated the chances of Bieber being deported were almost zero; however, deportation agents have another opinion. Immigration officials have been cracking down on felony immigrants and charges could be filed against the pop star. His celebrity status holds no water with ICE officials.

Bieber will not be the first celebrity to be expelled out of the country. South African actress Charlize Theron claimed she was deported after her involvement in a documentary that criticized the United States relationship with Cuba.

Russian born Anna Chapman, national celebrity and TV personality, was deported as a spy last year.

Shyne, native Belizean and aspiring rapper, served a nine-year prison sentence after firing numerous shots in a New York City bar and then found himself deported. His homecoming should not be too bad since daddy is the Prime Minister.

Justin Bieber, drugs, rehab and deportation could land the rock star out of the U.S. and back in Canada according to ICE officials.

By Deborah Baran

Belfast Telegraph

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