Justin Bieber Has a Drug Problem?

Justin BieberDoes Justin Bieber have a drug problem? A recent search in his mansion shows signs of it. Police had a warrant to raid the Candian’s LA home for surveillance and video footage surrounding the egg-throwing case, and found various drugs and paraphernalia instead.

During the raid, Bieber’s home was found to contain stashes of weed, empty bottles of codeine, Fanta bottles with codeine stains and much more. However, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department did not seize any of it and continued to search for any video footage that could lead to an arrest for the eggs thrown at his neighbor’s home.

The issue started when police were called to the house of Bieber’s neighbor on January 9. There were complaints of eggs being thrown at the house and the neighbor stated that it was the Canadian pop star. Video footage showed there was an altercation with a man, but it was not clear who that man was due to the darkness. However, the 19-year-old became an official suspect in the case.

According to the neighbor, there was about $400 worth of damage done to the property. The Daily Mail reports that as much as $20,000 worth of damage may have been done. Despite there being tensions between the two neighbors in the past, the neighbor said nothing that could have led to the egg-throwing that night.

Police gained a warrant to search Bieber’s premises for anything that could link him to the egg-throwing. The warrant simply allowed the police to search the property for video and to look at any surveillance from the night to see if they could place the Baby singer at the scene of the crime. However, the found much more that has led to questions over whether Bieber has a drug problem.

Some of the items that police found included cookie jars that were full of weed and a room apparently dedicated for smoking the drug. TMZ reports that there were styrofoam cups used for Sizzurp, which also goes by the name of lean. This is apparently Bieber’s preferred drug. It is a very dangerous drug that can lead to seizures and more.

According to TMZ, people close to the star have asked him to go to rehab for his problem. He has refused this so far. The call for rehab is also linked to his own mental health issues. Due to the use of the drug, his behavior has been extremely erratic and friends are worried about him. While taking Sizzurp, he has also been drinking, smoking weed and taking prescription pills like Xanax.

Police could not seize any of the items, and it is possible that they were not even allowed to open things like the cookie jars. The warrant that was issued only covered the video and surveillance tapes. A police statement said that seizing the items would have “exceeded” the warrant. However, after the raid, one of Bieber’s friends, Lil Za, was arrested in connection to the drugs.

Bieber was not happy about his home being searched, according to the Daily Mail. Could that have been due to the light being shed on Bieber’s possible drug problem?

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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