Justin Bieber Needs Anger Management

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez has beseeched the 19-year-old pop star to enter an anger management program. The 21-year-old Texas native even threatened to end their high-profile relationship should his bad boy behavior continue. Others weighing-in on the recent events include ex-NFL star, and Seattle Seahawks safety, Jordan Babineaux. “I’d kick his little ass,” Babineaux said. “I’d give him a wedgie and throw him in the pool. He don’t need to be arrested, he just needs his ass kicked.” Declared Babineaux to TMZ yesterday.

Last Memorial Day weekend, another former NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson furiously reported Bieber for cruising carelessly at high speeds in his Ferrari through his gated California neighborhood. Allegedly, the former Jets receiver even followed Bieber to his home to confront him, but the singer just ran inside and refused to come out.

A crew of experts is currently scouring the recorded video from Justin Bieber’s high-tech home security system, after deputies with a felony search warrant seized hard-drives containing footage from every corner in the star’s lavish Calabasas, Calif home.  Bieber and his pal “Lil Za,” 20, whose real name is Xavier Smith, are accused of causing around $20 000 damage to his neighbor’s home, which boasts a costly plaster frontage, by pelting the house with around 20 eggs.

Lieutenant David Thompson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department believes that any deleted footage, or unexplained leaps in time within the material will be evidence enough to confirm that the two young men are in fact guilty of the felony vandalism that occurred Tuesday night.

Smith was arrested on narcotics charges during a police raid that was conducted while Bieber was detained in his garage. Deputies arrived around 8:30 yesterday morning, armed with a felony search warrant and a battering ram. Their goal was to unveil evidence that would convict the two men They found a substance next to Smith’s bed which was originally thought to be cocaine but upon further review was believed to be “Molly,” an ingredient in the drug Ecstasy. Xanax may have also been found in the home.. A pending test will confirm the nature of the substances.

While in the holding cell, the 20-year-old rapper vandalized a telephone, and was arrested for the second time that day. His bail rose from $20 000 to $70 000 which was paid in full. Smith was released around 8:15 pm Tuesday night. He returned to Bieber’s home. Bieber and Smith

This is not the first time residents of Calabasas have called police on the teenage multimillionaire. He has also been reported for blazing through residential streets in a fleet of high-performance sports cars. Last year, Bieber was reported to authorities by his neighbor, and in response to this spit in the man’s face and threatened to kill him. He was not charged for the incident, but rumors were sparked that the reckless teenage star was in need of anger management. Prosecutors have continuously commented on the star’s ‘immaturity,’ and he has repeatedly been described as “trying to act cool in front of his friends.”

If convicted, Bieber could face deportation to his native Canada. Thompson says he hopes that the investigation will help the increasingly troubled man realize the magnitude of his actions, and influence his decision to enroll in the anger management classes that his girlfriend believes he needs.

-Apryl Legeas

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