Justin Bieber Needs to Start Looking to Michael Jackson as Inspiration

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Justin Bieber continues to pile on to his “badass” antics with this recent egg throwing investigation. It is clear that the fame has been getting to the young pop star’s head, and before things get too far he should start looking towards his inspiration, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, told Complex Magazine in 2012 that “when [Bieber] looks at who he should chase and who’s setting the bar, we only talk about Michael Jackson.”

The 19-year-old musician has been open himself about his adulation for the late King of Pop. Bieber expressed how he  wanted to tell a story in his music video for As Long As You Love Me  like Jackson did with his music videos. Furthermore, Bieber was quoted in November last year as wanting to follow Jackson’s time line by having a fifth album out at around the age of 23, like when Jackson released his fifth studio album, Off the Wall (Jackson was 21).

In addition, who can forget Bieber’s pet monkey, Mally, which brings to mind the infamous Bubbles, Jackson’s chimpanzee companion from the 80s to 2003. Bubbles now lives in an ape facility in Florida and is reportedly living a good life, while the last we heard from Mally is that he was seized by German officials when Bieber tried to bring it into the country in May last year.

Even in his actions, Bieber seems to be somewhat inspired by the late King of Pop.

The point to all this?

Michael Jackson was a child star thrust into the spotlight of mega super stardom parallel to what Justin Bieber has been experiencing. Yes, Jackson had some controversial moments throughout his legendary career, but he was always genuinely himself. Meanwhile, Bieber’s antics have started to get out of hand – he is clearly trying too hard to be “bad” and he’s not creating any more “beliebers” with these antics.

In the span of eight months last year the pop star had allegedly kicked the flag of Argentina off the stage at a concert, hung out at a Brazilian brothel for several hours, sped down his gated community with his Ferrari and spat in the face of a complaining neighbor, on top of various other incidences, including problems with the paparazzi.

The late Michael Jackson meanwhile hung his baby over a balcony in Germany in 2002, and there were also the child abuse cases in 1993 and the 2000s. Overall, however, Jackson’s actions have been more based out of his eccentricities than him trying to be someone he’s not.

Justin Bieber is clearly inspired by Michael Jackson as a musician, maybe it is time for him to start looking up to Michael Jackson as an individual and how he handled the pressures of fame as he matured into adulthood, all eccentricities aside of course.

Justin Bieber does not have nowhere near the talent Michael Jackson had at 20, when it comes to dancing, performance, and vocals, and sooner or later his commercial appeal will die off, especially if he continues his recent behavior. If Bieber wants to be remembered throughout the annals of time like Michael Jackson will surely be remembered, he should begin with acting as a role model to the young fans who “beliebe” in him.

By Kollin Lore


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