Justin Bieber Not Guilty of DUI and Drag Racing?

Justin Bieber
As Justin Bieber continues to make headlines for his alleged outrageous antics over the past few weeks, new reports and rumors are emerging that the pop sensation may not be guilty of all that he is accused.  TMZ claims to have gotten a look at the police report from the night that Bieber was arrested for allegedly drag racing through a residential Miami Beach neighborhood and says that all may not be as it initially appears.

TMZ reports that police documentation shows that the 19-year-old Bieber was operating his Lamborghini at just a bit below sixty miles an hour as he was allegedly drag racing with a red Ferrari driven by a friend and fellow singer, Khalil Amir Sharif, also 19. However, says TMZ, the police report also shows that the company that Bieber rented the flashy car from had installed a speed monitor on-board the vehicle that indicates that other than a brief stint at just over 50 miles per hour, the car’s speed did not accelerate out of the 30 mile per hour range during the time of the alleged incident. It has been reported that he was traveling at just 27 miles per hour at the time that he was spotted by police. While he may still have been speeding, the speeds allegedly indicated by the rental car device don’t appear to rise to the level of what would be expected from a dangerous, life-threatening foray into the world of drag racing.

There could also be problems with the DUI, at least according to the rumors running rampant about the charge against Bieber. The reported word is that Bieber blew only a .014 at the time of his breathalyzer, not an amount in excess of the legal limit. However, even if the Biebs wasn’t legally impaired behind the wheel, the fact that he is below the legal drinking age, will be enough to get him into trouble for this one. Rumors are also circulating that the young superstar was using drugs at the time of his arrest, but no charges have been filed to confirm the truth of that speculation.

Even if Bieber is deemed not guilty of DUI and drag racing in Miami, neighbors in his luxurious Calabasas, California Oaks neighborhood have long complained of the behavior, including NFL stars KeyShawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, who both took to Twitter to celebrate his arrest alleging similar activities in Miami.

Many also feel that this incident is just one of many that is marking a downward spiral of self-destruction for the teen sensation. In recent weeks he has also been accused of egging a neighbor’s home and causing in excess of $20,000 damage, which could result in felony charges and led to the execution of a search warrant at Bieber’s home.

Reports from the search by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reportedly show that in addition to seizing surveillance footage from the night of the alleged egging incident, they also seized large amounts of a variety of illegal drugs. Bieber’s friend and fellow performer, Lil’ Za was reportedly arrested and charged in connection with some of the drugs found in Bieber’s home, though Bieber has not been charged at this time.

Guilty of DUI and drag racing or not, Bieber has certainly managed to get himself a heaping helping of troubling attention. Whether additional criminal charges are to be filed against the Biebs is likely to be revealed over the course of the next few weeks.

By Michele Wessel

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