Keira Knightley Is Hot Again

Keira Knightley Is Hot Again

Keira Knightley is hot again, with two new films coming out and a solid buzz around both. She is currently on big screens as Cathy Muller, the tough willed surgeon wife of Jack Ryan, in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Keira has also been promoting her new independent film Laggies, with her co-star Chloe Grace Moretz.

In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Keira has to help Chris Pine defeat a villainous russian who wants to destroy the U.S. economy, played by Kenneth Branagh. The movie has already taken 17.2 million at the box office and the full weekend figures are not available yet. This may be a huge movie for Knightley, who was also one of the stars of the box office smashing Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Keira Knightley

Laggies is much gentler coming of age movie. In the movie a 28-year-old women is proposed to by her boyfriend, and suddenly overcome by the shock of adulthood, she disappears for a week to hang out with a 16-year-old friend in order to relieve her teenage years. The friend is of course played by Chloe Grace Moretz who herself will turn 17 on February 10th. Last year she had a birthday party thrown for her by Teen Vogue in New York and it was a major event. This year she is planning something much more low-key, with only a few friends and family meeting up in LA for party. Although, Chloe is reportedly looking forward to have a major sugar rush with a big birthday cake.

Keira Knightley is certainly hot again, but she and Chloe have had to deal with the cold weather at the Sundance film festival to promote Laggies and get the independent film enthusiasts, and critics, watching the movie. Keira was wearing Valentino and Chanel as she walked the red carpet, she was happy to wrap up warm in a winter coat. Chloe wore Christopher Kane and Jimmy Choo’s.

Keira also rocked a very stylish dress by Chanel for the L.A. premiere of Jack Ryan.

When asked if directing was the next big thing for Keira Knightly the star counted it out for now, “everytime I see it done. I think, I wouldn’t be very good at that.” However, one ambition that is still to be met is to star on broadway. “I would love to do broadway,” said Keira. She also expects that she will continue with her signature roles in period dramas because “I love doing them.”

Keira married James Righton, of the Klaxons, in May last year, and admitted that they both spend such a huge amount of their time travelling that they don’t seen each other very often. She added that it might be easier that way anyway.


Laggies was directed by Lynn Shelton, and in the Facebook age, explores the feelings of those who are lagging behind their friends, and not posting pictures of weddings and babies. Not that Keira Knightley is lagging behind anyone.

Keira Knightley is hot again, and after a series of films that have not burned that brightley, Jack Ryan and Laggies look like they are about to take off.

By Andrew Willig

Daily Mail