Kesha Says Dr Luke Caused Eating Disorder

Kesha Says Dr Luke Caused Her Eating Disorder

The big news today in the world of celebrity chat is Kesha checking herself into a rehab clinic for an eating disorder; on top of this, the singer says that Dr. Luke caused her problems. The 40 year-old manager and record label producer has been blamed for the performer’s disorder on top of her wanting to get away from Luke’s “controlling” management.

According to the 26 year-old singer/songwriter, the “not-so-good” doctor made a reference to her weight in an earlier music video. Allegedly, Dr. Luke called Kesha a “refrigerator” after seeing her on the 2012 Die Young video shoot. It has been reported, however, that Luke had been focussing on the singer’s weight since the end of her 2011 tour.

Apparently the refrigerator remark cut Kesha to the bone and caused her fixation with weight that she’d gained during her “down-time.” It seems that the singer’s issues with Luke go a lot further than her waistline. She is desperate to break away from his influence.

The Dirty Love singer has wanted to change her image and get away from her dance/electronic pop sound for quite a while now. According to sources, it was Dr Luke who insisted that her last album, Warrior, stick with the regular formula. Kesha wanted her last album to be dedicated to rock and she was outvoted.

Kesha says that Dr. Luke caused her eating disorder after his earlier remarks and they apparently hurt her confidence so much that she now needs rehabilitative help to get well.

The talented songwriter/performer has been fighting Luke for creative control and she wants her music to adapt and move into other areas. One way to show her struggle for independence was her decision to record covers for existing songs, like Iggy Pop’s Dirty Love which is a free demo.

A source said that the singer has been attempting to break away from Luke for about a year and a campaign was started in support of Kesha and her fight to be free from her manager. The entertainer also directed her Dirty Love music video which was done without Luke’s approval. The enterprising performer can now add director to her resume along with singer and songwriter.

Kesha’s mother, Pepe Sebert, has been a very active proponent of the “Free Ke$ha Campaign” and Sebert has confirmed that Dr Luke made disparaging remarks about her daughter’s weight. Apart from allegedly saying that the singer was built like a fridge he also, reportedly, said she was fat.

People automatically gain ten pounds on film which makes them paranoid about their appearance without any outside help from a manager who focuses on the issue. Other female celebrities have developed eating disorders based on insecurities triggered by someone else noticing the weight gain on camera. Many actresses, performers and photographic models have suffered from Bulimia as well as Anorexia as they attempt to slim down for the lens.

These eating disorders can lead to serious health problems and, in extreme cases, death. Kesha says that her eating disorder was caused by Dr Luke and his remarks about her previous weight gain. It would not be surprising if that is indeed the case. The singer has done the right thing by checking herself in for professional help before the disorder developed into a health issue. Once she wins that battle, hopefully, the entertainer can win her battle for freedom.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom





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  1. john's   January 5, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    she’s lucky she had a producer like Dr Luke in the first place 😉

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