Kesha Unavailable for 30 Days After Checking Into Rehab

KeshaThe 26-year-old singing sensation Kesha has announced that she will be “unavailable for the next 30 days” as she checks herself into rehab. Unlike many other stars, who go in for alcohol or substance related problems, the My Crazy Beautiful Life star is going in for an eating disorder.

According to friends close to the singer, the problems started at the end of her 2011 Get Sleazy tour. Her music producer, Dr. Luke, reportedly called her a big, fat refrigerator and complained about her weight. Despite being 24 years old, it still affected her psychologically and she focused on anything that would help her drop a dress size or two.

Luke complained about the weight that Kesha gained after the end of her tour, when she had some time to herself. He went straight to her management team to make sure she lost it, and quickly!

The news comes just days before the star and Pitbull claimed the first number one spot of 2014 with Timber. It is her first number one since signing with Luke when she was just 18 years old. They knocked Pharrell Williams’ Happy off the top-spot.

The announcement was also just days after the release of her new video, Dirty Love. During the video, Kesha strips down to her underwear while on a stage, but definitely does not look like a stereotypical young woman with an eating disorder.

Kesha has checked herself into the rehab center Timberline Knolls in Chicago for the next 30 days, making her unavailable. She will need to complete the treatment to get back to a healthy form of eating. She will stick to her vegetarian diet while being in rehab.

In 2010, the Tik-Tok singer explained that she was a vegetarian for her own beliefs because she loves animals. She is an advocate for animal rights and against animal testing. The only time fans will see her use anything animal based is when she wears skulls from roadkill.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the star explained that she takes part in hypnotherapy regularly to explore her past lives. Part of this is due to her “issues,” but there is no explanation of what those “issues” are. The interview was just before she announced her stint in rehab so it is possible that she was partially referring to her eating disorder. She explores her past lives to find out if there is a reason for it but currently has no answer for them.

When explaining that she was going into rehab, she said she is a great believer in “loving yourself,” but that this has become harder to do over recent years. She hopes to be able to get back on track and learn how to love herself after gaining some professional help to curb this eating problem.

The choice to check into rehab and not be available for 30 days has not stopped Kesha from attending any booked commitments. The last one was in October 2013, when she was banned from playing in Malaysia. She made sure her fans knew that she had been stopped and threatened with imprisonment if she did play.

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  1. Patty   January 6, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    “does not look like a typical young woman with an eating disorder.” What is that supposed to look like? Demi Lovato had an eating disorder, my friend had an eating disorder and they look very different. So what does a girl with an eating disorder have to look like?

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