Kim Jong Un and Other Barbaric Traditions

Kim Jong Un and Other Barbaric TraditionsKim Jong Un, the youngest head of state in the world, does things the way he wants.  It is without question when it comes to dictating his regimen and desires.  The North Korean leader is only almost 31 years old and has the power within his grasp and mind to carry out gruesome tasks of punishment and torture.  He has not given up old paths of barbaric traditions as he welds his way into the lives of his people and country.

After taking over power two years ago from his father, Jong has portrayed himself as unforgiving and relentless.  He thinks nothing of executing old friends, including an old girlfriend who met her death by a firing squad.  He is known to stop at nothing less than barbaric and will go to the extreme to carry it out.

Recently, Jong was touted as letting the dogs out, so to speak to take care of his uncle, Jang Song Thaek.  Jong was needing to clean house and may or may not have let some hungry dogs out to help him accomplish the feat.  Since reporting in North Korea is limited and watched, the stories of the event may or may not have really happened.  Somehow the thought or idea came about enough to report about the event, leaving the world wondering if Jong would stoop so low again.

As the story goes, Jong had his uncle stripped and thrown in a cage naked.  He then had over 120 hungry hounds, who had not eaten in days, released to perform their devastating devouring upon the crying uncle.  Jong, his brother and 300 officials watched in pleasure as the dogs took care of the last remains of the uncle, well past his prime.  This tale could be true or not, depending on actual accounts and the release of information concerning the event.

What is true, when it comes to Jong, is that he is a calculated individual with mastermind plans to change his country and the world around him.  He has imprisoned many children into camps and has enforced child labor under harsh conditions.  He has clung to old barbaric tactics to impede his power, just as witch hunters, gladiators and cannibalism has remained in the old world.

Jong’s thrusts into power have given war crimes and slavery an easy ride in the perspective of the world, as he has the charisma to entrance his country and followers from beyond.  Offering mind control and savage, uncouth practices, Jong is apt to take over his domain.  The young leader seems to stop at nothing to gain the edge on society and thoughts of his ever working regime.

Becoming friends with Dennis Rodman, the American Basketball Hall of famer, is an odd match at best.  Jong and Rodman have negotiated exhibition games, but Jong still holds the control to super impede the powers that be.  He will be the winner in the game, whether or not it is played.  Whether or not he released dogs to destroy his uncle can be debated or not.  Jong continues to hold the wheel and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Barring old practices of gas chambers, torture by bamboo under the nails and solitary confinement, Jong is a mystery yet to be determined and decoded.  He is not letting anyone into his world of power, as his quest continues without a second thought or quandary.  The leader will do what he wants, reported or not, at his own discretion and desire.  Dogs or not, his chains to the world are quite clear.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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  1. simon scheer   January 4, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Why does the un allow him to stay in power? Its been made clear to the rest of the world (by the steady flow of refugees ) that the korean people only support him out of fear. It is ludicris to not take the same posture and exercise the same prejudice against him and his supporters as we did with bin-laden , and sadam .

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