Kim Kardashian Not Taking Kanye West’s Name?

Kim Kardashian

After marriage, it is traditional for the bride to take the name of her husband, but there are doubts over whether Kim Kardashian will do this. In fact, it works in Kardashian’s best interest to not take Kanye West’s name, despite him not liking the idea.

West expects his wife to take his name. Not only is it tradition, but it makes a clear statement that they are married, happy and have come together as one. There is nothing wrong with the rapper wanting that to happen.

However, it will not necessarily work in Kardashian’s best interest. Her name is the thing that makes her who she is. She has built a brand around that name, along with the rest of her family. To get rid of the name would be like losing her identity. Everybody knows her as Kim Kardashian, and could be confused with the name Kim West.

Since West is not too happy about the possibilities, there is another option. The reality TV star could opt for hyphenating her name. Kardashian-West would keep the brand and still make it clear that she is West’s wife. However, The Stir reports that is not something the rapper wants to happen. He wants to her to be fully committed to his name and brand. There is the question of whether there is any reason for Kardashian not to take West’s name, except for the brand.

It would work in the best interest for their daughter, North West, to take the name. As The Stir reports, hyphenating the name gives her that connection. Of course, there have been female celebrities who have kept their maiden name, despite their children having their father’s name. Demi Moore’s children with Bruce Willis all have the Willis surname. There is still no doubt over who the girls’ mother is.

There are plenty of celebrities who have chosen to keep their maiden names. Jennifer Anniston never became known as Jennifer Pitt after her marriage to Brad Pitt. Demi Moore did not become Demi Kutcher during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. The main celebrity to create a brand using her husband’s surname is Victoria Beckham.

Many women now opt to keep their maiden names for professional reasons. Holly Marie Combs did this for the sake of movie and TV show credits. This is something that Kardashian could do. While personally being known by her husband’s surname, she could be known by her maiden name when it comes to the TV and media. Would West be happy with this compromise?

Kardashian needs to do the best thing for her. Keeping her own surname would be more beneficial if she wants to continue promoting herself. People already know her as a brand. Most would take a double take at first if they saw West as her surname. They may not put two and two together at first, leading to her fan base dropping.

There is also the question of whether they will stay together and then she has to change her surname back. That on its own would be an excellent reason for Kardashian not to take West’s surname.

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2 Responses to "Kim Kardashian Not Taking Kanye West’s Name?"

  1. Jackie   May 27, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    I think she should talk Kanye’s last name. Her last name has a very negative reputation behind it. I think this would be a rebirth for her. When i think of Mrs.West instead of Kardashian, i think of a mother and a wife. Not a whore.

  2. Marlyn Yeahright   January 12, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Is he serious?????????????
    She should keep her name. This is 2014.
    If she does not pay attention to her life he will mess it up
    She needs to dye her hair back to black

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