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Velveeta, an iconic Kraft Food product was recalled after it was discovered that the cheese product had undisclosed soy and soy based ingredients. Nearly 2 million pounds of  the “Cheesy Skillets Singles-Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” has been recalled by Truitt Brothers, Inc. The food item contains hydrogenized soy sauces and dried protein (soy), neither of which were in the list of allergens on the packaging. The cheese product in question was manufactured between May 6, 2013 and January 16, 2014. Although the company has so far not received any complaints, “Cheesy Skillets Single-Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” was pulled off the shelves out of caution.  The ingestion of soy poses a serious health threat to people with soy allergies and is required to be revealed in the product’s ingredients.

“Cheesy Skillets Single-Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” is one of many Kraft products. The company is strongly focused on solid growth and providing steady returns to the shareholders. Products in the brand’s portfolio are heavily marketed and, at the base, the expenditure on the products themselves and packaging is low. As a cost producer, Kraft Food manages to uphold healthy profit margins. The Kraft Food Company has several lines of products including Baker’s chocolate which is the oldest product in their portfolio.  Baker’s chocolate has been around since 1780. The name Kraft comes from the founder J.L. Kraft who went into the wholesale cheese business in the early 20th century, and began to produce processed cheese in 1914. During the first World War he United States government supplied their forces with the tinned cheese in the fields.

The last time a Kraft Food Product was recalled was in 2003 when some varieties of string cheese were pulled due to premature spoilage. The sell by or use dates of the “Cheesy Skillets Single-Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac” to be avoided are “02 March 2014 – 23 October 2014.” Earlier in January 2014, after words that the news of a shortage of Velveeta may have been a publicity stunt, Kraft confirmed that they were low on stocks of Velveeta. On a statement made in Tumblr Kraft called their cheese product “Liquid Gold,” and explained that a minor manufacturing glitch caught them unawares during an increase in demand due to the season.

Kraft FoodIn 2005 to enhance their golden product, Kraft applied to the Food and Drug Administration to be allowed to add more vitamin D to their cheese products. The company requested that the permitted level of vitamin D would increase from 89 International Units per 100 grams to 81 International Units per 30 grams. By tripling the amount of vitamin D, Kraft could market their dairy products as providing an excellent sources of the vitamin. The newer levels of vitamin fortification to Kraft cheese means that a product can contain up to 20 percent of the Daily Recommended Intake.

Despite the Kraft Food product being recalled, the Kraft Company is home to many well-known products to be found in most kitchens such as Jell-O, Maxwell House, Oscar Meyer and Planters.


By Persephone Abbott

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