Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie Sizzle At ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Premiere

DicaprioLeicester Square was drowned by the screams of hundreds of frenzied fans as Leonardo DiCaprio And Margot Robbie sizzled the red carpet for The Wolf Of Wall Street London Premiere.

As the chilly January winds failed to dampen the enthusiasm of fans, the stars of the movie interacted and posed for photographs with them to louder cheers and millions of clicks. The Aviator star looked super chic, as always, in his impeccable dark-blue checked suit and was soon joined by an equally suave looking Jonah Hill, who plays his partner-in-crime in the movie.

Margeret Robbie strutted down the red carpet in a ravishing two-tone, floor length, scarlet gown. The silhouette of her silky gown was billowing calmly in the winter breeze as she flashed those stunning smiles standing alongside her co-stars Dicaprio and Hill.

The 23 year old actress, who plays Dicaprio’s ex-wife in the movie, sure knows how to steal the limelight; even with her fab-figure completely under wraps. The look, to the disappointment of many, was far removed from her nude scenes in the movie.

The loudest cheers for sure was saved for the very moment Leonardo DiCaprio And Margot Robbie came together in front of the huge The Wolf Of Wall Street billboard erected for the London premiere.

A lot has been already said in Leonardo’s favor about his outstanding performance in the movie; however Jonah Hill also manages to give another outstanding performance after ‘Moneyball’

Adapted from the memoirs of a stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street depicts his extravagant life in the 1990s filled with drugs, cars, and prostitutes, along with a trophy wife and mansions build on the money created by defrauding gullible clients.

Expressing his satisfaction with movie, Dicaprio was heard saying, “There has been two movies in my career that I have really driven forward to try to make happen, One was The Aviator and the other was this.”

He also talked about the passion he shared with Martin Scorsese, the director. Dicaprio defended Scorsese against some critical reviews the movie has garnered for extensively depicting greed, drugs, sex and swearing.

The 71-year-old director has been at receiving end of many criticisms for showing such profanities in an approving manner. This has not impressed critics, even though his earlier movies like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas or King of Comedy were not hardly known for morally accurate depiction, either.

Leo concludes by saying that, “None of it is really made up. To tell you the truth, even the plane crashing on the way to get him, his boat sinking, every single one of these things happened to him.”

So, whether one chooses to love or hate the movie, whether one chooses to love or loath Margot Robbie’s concealed look, The Wolf of Wolf Street is ready to hit the United Kingdom screens on January 17 for everyone to experience.

And if the fan frenzy witnessed at Leonardo Dicaprio’s and Margot Robbie’s sizzling The Wolf of Wall Street London Premiere, it is already set its path to success.

By Daris Abraham


International Business Times

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