Lily Tomlin Marries Partner Jane Wagner on New Year’s Eve

Lily Tomlin Marries Partner Jane Wagner on New Year's EveThey have been together 42 years, and now comedy big name Lily Tomlin and her partner, Jane Wagner, were able to get married on New Year’s Eve, stated Liz Smith. Smith is friends with both Tomlin and Wagner, and writes for The Chicago Tribune.

Smith said that this year was an eventful New Year’s Eve because her longtime friends, actor Lily Tomlin and writer Jane Wagner, ended up getting married on the eve of 2014. She added that she hoped their happiness together would be as wonderful as their shared talents.

Tomlin said she and Wagner started talking about getting married back in Aug. 2013. Her statement arrived just as the Supreme Court ruled on the Defense of Marriage Act, deeming it unconstitutional. The Supreme Court also overturned California’s Proposition 8, which barred any same-sex couples in that state from getting married. The Supreme Court’s ruling is paving the way for gay couples to finally be able to say “I do” to each other.

It was earlier in 2013 that Tomlin had revealed to the public while at a Pre-Emmy Performers Peer Group reception that she and Wagner were considering marriage. Tomlin, 74, and Wagner, 78, never believed they would see same-sex marriage become legal in their lifetimes.

Lily Tomlin explained that a person just never thought such a law could happen. She added that two individuals do not really have to get married, but marriage is awfully nice. She stated that everyone she knew that got married told her that it really made a difference. They all felt very happy with their decisions.

Tomlin started her comedy career on the classic comedy show Laugh In.  After that, she would star in such modern classics as 9 to 5, Nashville and I Heart Huckabees.

Tomlin and Wagner met one another in 1971, when Tomlin asked Wagner to work with her on a comedy album Tomlin was putting together. Tomlin got the idea to ask Wagner to collaborate with her after she saw an after-school special that Wagner had written.

It was later that the two ladies worked together on Tomlin’s 1985 one-woman show, The Search for Intelligent Signs of Life in the Universe, which ended up garnering Tomlin a Tony Award. Tomlin’s show appeared on Broadway on which Wagner was both writer and producer. The Search for Intelligent Signs of Life in the Universe was adapted for film in 1991.

At the time that Tomlin told the public she and Wagner would finally get married, she made sure to emphasize that the wedding would not be traditional in any way. There would be no rings or bridal dresses, but she did declare that she and Wagner might dress up like chickens.

Smith never said if the two brides ended up wearing chicken costumes. That is probably one thing that did not matter to the couple. After 42 years together, Tomlin and Wagner were finally able to get married, and on New Year’s Eve. That fact should be celebrated right along with their marriage. Congratulations to them both!

By Kimberly Ruble


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