Maryland Mall Shooter Identified

Maryland Mall Shooter IdentifiedThe issue of gun control has been raised once more following yet another shooting at the Maryland Mall. It was on Saturday that a  shooting at the Maryland Mall resulted in three victims, including the shooter, left dead. Although authorities were unable to confirm the suspect yesterday, Maryland Police Chief Bill McMahon of the Howard County police department made an announcement on Sunday which identified Darion Marcus Aguilar as the shooter.

According to McMahon, “Darion Aguilar arrived at the Maryland Mall in a cab around an hour prior to the shootings. From there, the movements he took at the mall were very limited. Nineteen year old Aguilar then fired approximately six to eight shots of a twelve-gauge shotgun, including the fatal shot he fired on himself.”

A recent police report confirmed that the identified Maryland mall shooter Aguilar had purchased the Mossberg model shotgun back in December. Police officers in Howard County made the announcement yesterday that, “We found that the gunman (Aguilar) carried a sizable amount of ammo with him along with what appears to be makeshift explosions.”

Further police reports from the Howard County police department have confirmed the victims who suffered fatalities. Darion Aquilar’s victims were identified as Tyler Johnson who was 25-years-old, and Brianna Benlolo who was 21. Both Johnson and Benlolo were employed at the Zumiez’s located in the Maryland Mall where the shooting took place. It was here that Aguilar’s body was also found next to the murder weapon. According to McMahon, “What we know is that the shooting occurred at one store at one time.” At this time it is unclear whether or not Aguilar knew the victims, or if he had a motive.

In addition, it has been reported at this time that five other people suffered injuries during the Maryland Mall shooting. Further statements from Howard County authorities announced, “The device that had appeared to be a makeshift bomb was a simple device made out of fireworks, and we have disable the devices.” The Zumiez’s owner at the Maryland Mall offered his condolences with his statement, “Zumiez is greatly saddened by the recent shooting. This particular group is very close, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Families of Brianna Benlolo. Zumiez then made another announcement that the store would be providing counseling to it employs in regard to the shooting.

As a result of the Maryland Mall shooting where Darion has been identified as the shooter, Maryland Mall has decided to close the doors off from the public until Tuesday. When discussing the matter, McMahon expressed how thankful he was emergency drills that they had practiced at the Maryland Mall that helped handle the real life scenario in his statement, “This is the kind of the thing you would only expect to see in the movies, or on the news, but this was a real life situation. These are the kinds of situations that occur in our society that law enforcement has to be trained for.”

With the Maryland Mall shooting added into the mix of the numerous shootings this week, again it seems as if the nation’s attention turns to the issue of gun control.

Many thoughts and prayers have been expressed via social networking to Brianna, Tyler, and the many other victims affected by this week’s shootings.

By Aaron Weis

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