Microsoft Corporation Will Unveil Windows Nine

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It’s been hinted that Microsoft Corporation will unveil Windows Nine in the near future. Widespread complaints about Windows 8  have been rampant since it was released.  User unhappiness has been expressed on the lack of a start button, the unhandy desktop vs tablet mode, the seemingly inaccessible settings, the lack of an obvious way of closing programs, and a too complex keyboard. One way to clear the bad air due to the problems is to remove any association of the number 8 in Windows 8 by launching a new number, the version Nine.

In an attempt to cure Windows 8, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 in the early fall of 2013 only to announce that another update would be available in the spring of 2014. The latest report is that by ditching the name Windows 8, Microsoft will unveil Windows Nine. Experts have pretty much agreed with each other that despite the upgrade to Windows 8.1, Windows 8 was in general a setback for Microsoft.

Windows NIne

Recent charts show that the computer market slowed down a great deal in the past year, indicating a significant loss of revenue after Windows 8 was released with a huge amount of hype in 2012. Microsoft, in a move to control the damage cause by the ill reception of Windows 8, launched an advertising campaign which bloated their sales and marketing expenses to $1.4 billion. During the same period, Microsoft also financially suffered by the failure to grab a good hold in the tablet market with their Surface tablet while Apple retained a great deal of the tablet market selling $24 billion by summer of 2013. In the wrestling ring of the Apple versus Microsoft game, the Macs and iPads are doing very well, working their way safely into Microsoft’s traditional business market.

Microsoft’s Build 2014 Conference is set for April 2 – 4 in San Francisco. Registration for the conference starts this week on January 14. In addition to Windows 8 (perhaps listed as Windows Nine or also touted under the name “Threshold”), among the featured topics will the Windows Phone Blue, Xbox One, including a number of luxury new games; the new Surface Mini, a modern version of Office code-named Gemini, and Visual Studio. The recent acquisition of Nokkia may mean some added information about a new product line of handsets will be offered at the conference. The revealing of the new CEO of Microsoft since the stepping down of Steve Ballmer in 2013 could even be in the cards, as there has been no official announcement yet except that a replacement is expected to be found by the summer of 2014.

The hybrid desktop and tablet system of  Windows 8 is rumored to be a blip in the past as Windows Nine is being targeted to provide  improvements over three important development points.  The exact details of the apps to be added and changes to be made are not yet disclosed.  However, one definite feature will be a renewed user interface that will be friendlier to Microsoft customers.  Hopefully Microsoft’s unveiling of  Windows Nine will restore the public’s faith in the product, but it won’t be out on the market until 2015.

By Persephone Abbott

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