Miley Cyrus Bangerz Artist Deserves Respect

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Bangerz artist and Queen of Shock, has once again made headlines regarding her break with Liam Hemsworth. Her publicized love life along with her twerking, tonguing and naked-wrecking-ball-swinging has made her grits for the gossip mill. The mega superstar has more going for her than shock and awe. The marketing savvy millionaire has kept the nation’s eyes riveted on her and her latest antic.

Cleaver marketing strategies coupled with an evolving image and shocking actions have kept her in the headlines and on the lips of gossip columnists across the world. Her ability to keep Americans talking about her is why Cyrus deserves respect.

Miley Cyrus growing up in the limelight

Miley Cyrus, daughter of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, was born Destiny Hope Cyrus and quickly gained the nickname of ‘Miley’ because of her constant smile. At the age of 9, Miley made her acting debut in a television series “Doc.”

After her television debut, Miley began song writing and singing, finally landing her landmark role in Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” She was 12 at the time. While in her “Hannah Montana” role, Cyrus plunged into it like an experienced actress, bringing the character, Miley Stewart, to life.

Cyrus skyrocketed in stardom. She was suddenly thrust into the limelight, not as Miley Cyrus, but as Hannah Montana, the teen idol in a blond wig. Growing up with her famous father prepared Cyrus for some of the notoriety, but when the paparazzi’s cameras were pointed at her, she learned how to handle the attention like an experienced celebrity. Once Hannah Montana’s popularity wavered, Cyrus could have found herself pigeon-holed in the sweet, smiling neighbor type that never did anything wrong and quickly faded from memory. Cyrus made sure she was not a one hit wonder; she fought back breaking the girl-next-door image the Hannah Montana roll thrust on her.

Miley Cyrus went from famous dad’s little girl to Disney’s darling in a blink of an eye. Cyrus had to maintain her demeanor in front of millions of fans, paparazzi and reporters to keep up her image. Even at a young age, Cyrus had to live the role Hollywood wrote for her, but soon she grew up and formed a new role by reinventing herself. Miley Cyrus, the Bangerz artist deserves respect for her ability to transform herself from one persona to another.

Miley Cyrus a new persona

The young pop star shocked the nation with her teddy bear twerking routine, followed by her swinging on a wrecking ball naked while licking the ball suggestively with an amazingly large tongue. Her name was splashed across magazine covers for weeks, while gossip columnists drooled over her wild child behavior. Cyrus doesn’t apologize for her behavior but defends it as a young adult growing into her own person without being saddled by the Hannah Montana image.

While Cyrus stated her actions are related to mistakes people make while growing up, marketing experts may disagree. Cyrus’s shocking behavior has kept her on the front pages of celebrity magazines for years while keeping her concert tours sold out and her CDs flying out the door. Her marketing savvy proved itself with the release of “Wrecking Ball.”

“Wrecking Ball” was released as a single on August 25, 2013. It received good reviews and came in number 50 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100. While the single was doing well, Cyrus’s marketing savvy launched it through the roof to become Cyrus’s first number-one single.

What did Cyrus do to rocket her single to number one? She released a nude video of her licking a wrecking ball. It was outrageous, unexpected and, from a promotional standpoint, brilliant. Cyrus begins her Bangerz Tour on February 16 and tickets are already selling out. While the public may criticize the young star, Miley Cyrus has come through being a child star to being a mega super star adult without ever losing media attention or the love of her fans. Miley Cyrus, Bangerz artist deserves respect.

Commentary by Deborah Baran

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  1. abell wentz   February 2, 2014 at 4:21 am

    Too late she wants people to focus on her singing. Pushing the “envelope is one thing, putting forth a disgsting image; s another. Wanting or not she is a role model for young women/grls.

  2. sasha,   January 20, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Miley you rocks. I love you……..

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