Miley Cyrus Denies Beyonce Quotes

Miley CyrusFor those who hoped the end of 2013 would see the end of Miley Cyrus appearing in the limelight, they will be disappointed. The star is back in the news, again, just three days into 2014. This time, Cyrus has been accused of issuing insulting quotes against Beyonce, which she adamantly denies.

During an interview with LOVE Magazine, for the March 2014 issue, the former Hannah Montana star reportedly made insulting remarks about singer Beyonce. The remarks were mainly about how the former Destiny’s Child front-woman left a void in the market after leaving to become a mom. The dubious quote from the interview construes Cyrus explaining how it was not just about taking time out to raise a daughter. Allegedly, the 21-year-old was bogusly quoted as having insulted Beyonce’s figure, claiming that motherhood ruined her body.

The interviewer also shared how the former Disney star stated that she was the best. According to the quote, Cyrus is the only “white female singer that could fill that slot right now.”

This all comes from a leaked copy, since the March edition is not out yet. The issue has a range of pictures of Cyrus from what has been dubbed her “2013 hair tour.”

Cyrus immediately took to Twitter to post her views on the fake quotes. She explained to her fans that she said nothing of the sort. She was clearly angry and exasperated about the lies that were told, and who can blame her? Cyrus wholeheartedly denies the quotes against Beyonce, and told fans that she would find out who wrote it and have them write a statement to retract the lies.

The interview was posted online in various places, including the Daily Mail and Hollywood Life. Both of the websites have removed the posts, since 21-year-old Cyrus took to Twitter. In fact, they removed them relatively quickly after, perhaps, realizing the apparent mistake; the only one that currently remains is Perez Hilton, where he shares his own thoughts on the comment.

Hilton took to his blog to slam the controversial singer and actress. He pointed out how Beyonce had released a full album that took the number one spot, all while being a mother and using no promotion at all.

It would seem that the interview is a fake, at least in its current release. The same interview was written back in October 2013 and was credited to BBC Radio. One blogger noted how Cyrus was likely to knock a singer from her podium, but not Beyonce. Cyrus actions were likened to Lady Gaga’s attempts at imitating Madonna.

According to Gossip Cop, LOVE Magazine has admitted that the quotes were lies. A spokesperson confirmed that staff are trying to find out who posted them and why. It is possible that it is simply the media trying to use the popularity of the two most prominent people in 2013.

While she may be known for her controversial stunts, this was not one of them. Cyrus denies the bogus quotes about Beyonce, and LOVE Magazine agrees that she never spoke about the singer in the interview. There is no word, yet, about the person who created the lies, or where the comments originally came from.

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  1. box211   January 3, 2014 at 5:02 am

    What does any of this matter? She may be stuffed down the public’s throat, but is still simply annoying. Continuing in this direction, she may eventually be another of the pop culture’s suicides.

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