MoMA Is Expanding in New Directions

MoMA Is Expanding in New DirectionsMoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, is expanding in new directions, every day, every year.  Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, New York, the ever evolving studio for culture has been a constant since 1929.  Inviting the curious and the well versed alike, the establishment has stood the test of time.  As art is the fabric of creation and ideas, so is the very building that houses the works of artists of all mediums.

In a monumental decision with contractors and board members, MoMA has announced plans to renovate, restore and rebuild on the same site of 11 53rd Avenue.  Much thought and consideration has gone into the final decision to add on, even with the razing of the American Folk Museum on the intended space.  The new development is being overseen by the renowned architectural firm of Diller Scofidio and Renfro.

The firms’s recommendations have been approved and construction on the site will begin towards the end of the summer 2014.  As fine wine and art age with time in value, the construction and expansion will take place over the next four to five years.  Current members of MoMA should be prepared to contribute, as the project will rely on private monies obtained from loyal patrons and benefactors.

The plan is to restore and retain the current site of MoMA, while adding on up to thirty percent new space.  The acquisition of the old American Folk Museum and three floors of a residential tower nearby will give the museum close to 4o,000 square feet of additional areas to display treasures of all art forms.  The plans are exciting, as more open space for free access will be added.  The current Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden will be expanded, allowing easy access from street visitors.

Walking in from the stress of life will be even easier with the glass enclosed galleries, inviting visitors from all walks of life to enjoy the simple pleasures derived from a multitude of mediums.  More free access areas will be available with the new expanded museum, offering insight, ideas and memories to each one’s experience.  New possibilities await and will procure the delight of many with the added attractions of artist’s palettes and exhibits.

MoMA has long been a place for meeting of the minds, exploring the souls and dignities of human awareness and appreciation.  It has become a mecca of enlightenment that arouses the senses and instills feeling beyond one’s control.  The imagination through art evokes intimate moments and satisfaction of the soul with feelings of connectivity and entwinement into history.

Performance, musical scores, and educational programs will be enhanced by the expansion of the current site.  The new concepts for design will ultimately serve as a spring board for new relationships and restored friendships, as the possibilities motivate and encourage.

MoMA is expanding in new directions that will prove fruitful upon completion.  Works of art take time and dedication, producing long term wonders of those that accomplish and achieve.  The common bond of creative talent and appreciation of thus is more than a brush stroke or random splattering of clay, it is a profound expression of life at its finest.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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