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Mullah Radio

The latest Hollywood blockbuster is ” The Adventures of Ms. Marvel: Mullah Radio Vs. Kamala Khan.”  Mullah Fazalullah alias Mullah Radio, of course, is the chief of Pakistan Taliban and Kamala Khan, is the new Ms. Marvel. Mullah Radio was chosen by the Taliban Shura of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) after Hakeemullah Mehsud was killed in a drone strike by CIA.

Mullah Fazalullah got the name Mullah Radio because of his daily sermons on a private FM radio frequency in Swat. In these hate filled sermons Mullah Radio incited and threatened the population of Swat Valley to revolt against the infidels sitting in Islamabad. His message was direct; kill the top military brass and the top leadership and establish a Sharia state in Pakistan.

While Kamala Khan is the new Ms. Marvel; the latest comic creation of a Pakistani-American lady named Sana Amanat. Khan fights villains in the society and what better target than Mullah Radio. A menace for world peace and who knows what the CIA drones are not able to do can be achieved by the super heroine.

The synopsis of the script of this flick is that Taliban intercept a message that the Pentagon is sending an agent into North Waziristan to kill Mullah Radio. Further, when the message is decoded the Taliban learn that the new agent is a woman. Her name is Kamala Khan. The Taliban hatch a plan to get to Kamala Khan’s family. Their plan is to kidnap the father of  Khan, a devout Muslim. According to the plan, an email is sent to Khan’s father. He is invited by Mullah Radio the emir of the United Emirates of North Waziristan as he is the winner of a contest which earns him a ticket to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Khan’s father rushes to the airport to seize this opportunity. On landing in Pakistan, he is escorted by men in Pakistan army uniforms and taken to Mullah Radio in North Waziristan. There the Taliban make a video tape and send it to Kamala Khan. In the video her father is blindfolded while a Talib (singular) stands over him with a machete to chop off his head.  Below is a ticker which reads “Come and get him.” Immediately Khan flies off to North Waziristan , twerks her way covertly into the inner sanctum of Mullah Radio. Beats up the bad guys, kills Mullah Radio and flies off with her father back to America. There are many twists and turn in the plot but for that you will have to watch the movie.

The cast of the film is Ben Stiller is Khan’s father; Kim Kardashian is her mother;Justin Bieber her younger brother; Danny Day Lewis is Mullah Radio and Miley Cyrus is Kamala Khan.  The moral of the movie is simple that good always triumphs over the evil. Or in other words, whether or not in actual life, the Americans always win on celluloid.

Kardashian plays a cameo and fits like a glove a as psychotic Khan’s mother. Stiller is as hilarious as ever as her father. Cyrus is a great morph super heroine and Lewis is a very convincing Mullah Radio in this flick. “The Adventures of Ms. Marvel: Mulla Radio Vs. Kamala Khan” is a must watch and is bound to win a couple of Oscars at this years Academy Awards ceremony.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

The Express Tribune

The Huffington Post


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