SAG Awards Red Carpet Natalie Dormer Half Shaves Head for The Hunger Games

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Natalie Dormer is known for her beautiful shiny, blonde locks. It appears that now is only half appealing, as the Game of Thrones star showed up to the 2014 SAG Awards with a half-shaved head. The ‘do is in response to a part Dormer will be playing.

The idea of the half-shaved ‘do originated from the crew of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Dormer plays Cressida in the last two installments and credits the hair department for inspiring the thought of the hair-do. The stylish star appeared on the Awards carpet in a fitting Mario Schwab gown, that complemented her curves nicely. One could not help but look at the obvious hair difference on the sultry star.

Dormer rocked the ‘do confidently, providing provocative looks to the flash of cameras around her. Her shaved side displayed her ear embraced by a diamond earcuff. Stunningly, Dormer stated she considered shaving her head completely, but the hair department for The Hunger Games decided to do something “more Capitol” and just half-shaved her head for the effects desired. On the red carpet of the SAG Awards, the 31-year-old actress displayed the shocking shave job.

The daring actress has continued to create her mark in Hollywood. She previously worked with the cast on the HBO hit series, The Tudors as Anne Boleyn. Two years ago, she joined the set Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell. During her on-set time, Dormer does sport a wig to prevent any shock value to the audience who knows Margaery for her flowing, dark locks.

Dormer was tapped to play the part of Cressida in the next two installments of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, both Part 1 and Part 2. Dormer will be playing

Stunning on the red carpet
Stunning on the red carpet

an interesting role as she delves into the heart of the games where viewers are likely to see her walk beside Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Fans will be thrilled to see exactly how Dormer integrates among the Districts and Squads of the upcoming series releases.

In addition, to her roles on a hit HBO series and one the largest and most popular book franchises – Dormer will be starring in another movie, set for release in the fall. The Girl Who Invented Kissing stars Dormer as Patti, who plays the role of the attractive drifter. She meets two brothers and brings with her a renewed interest in a quiet little town.

Dormer’s star continues to rise and brighten. The young starlet has already claimed some of the biggest roles in some of the most popular movies and television spots. Reportedly, the star is engaged to Irish actor Anthony Byrne and has been since 2011. The couple seemingly keeps their relationship on the down-low and has not been seen together since late summer. The last interview with Dormer regarding a potential wedding date was casually pushed aside advising right now they were just “too busy” to start planning a wedding.

That much could be understood with the amount of projects Dormer is juggling at once. The English born actress is currently filming Part 2 of the Mockingjay series, she also is in post-production for Posh which centers around a club at Oxford University. In addition, she just finished wrapping up Part 1 of the Mockingjay project and is now heading to start The Girl Who Invented Kissing. That is a great deal on one woman’s plate! Therefore, it is understandable why wedding plans have been placed on hold, for now.

Dormer is ready to take Hollywood by its horns and dominate the red carpet appearance. Something she perfectly did when she appeared at Saturday’s 2014 SAG Awards with a half-shaved head. Not exactly made for Game of Thrones, but definitely worth it for her role in the The Hunger Games franchise. Love the ‘do? Hate it? Share in the comments.


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