NBA All Star Game Recent Updates

NBA All Star Game Recent Updates The highly anticipated 2014 NBA All-Star game is just just around the corner, and recent updates give eager fans their first glimpse of this years starting line-ups.

The first biggest surprise for this years NBA All-Star game comes from Minnesota, with recent updates confirming that Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timber-wolves is expected to start in this years game. This should come as a lovely surprise to Timber-wolves fans, as Minnesota has not seen a player start in the NBA All-Star game since Kevin Garnett made his appearance in the 2007 All-Star game.

In addition, the NBA recently updated fans by making announcements of this years starting line-ups for this years NBA All-Star game. While Love is expected to play at the center position for the Western All-Star team, he will be joined by Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. Whereas the Eastern All-Star team will consist of Lebron James, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Kyrie Irving, and Carmelo Anthony.

In making this years starting roster, Clippers forward Blake Griffin has made history, as he is the twenty-fifth player to ever reach the All-Star game in four consecutive years following his first season. When speaking on the matter, Griffin commented, “It’s honestly an honor to be chosen as a starter for the All-Star game. I’m very appreciative of the Los Angeles fans and can’t wait to represent the Clippers in the All-Star game. However, as a Clipper, Griffin is the first player ever in the teams history to represent the team for four consecutive seasons.

Even more surprising then Love making this years starting line up, is recent updates of how Kobe Bryant has expressed he does not deserve to play in this years NBA All-Star game. Kobe Bryant further elaborated in saying that he wished a younger starter had gotten his spot. When speaking on the matter, Bryant stated, “As always, receiving this vote by the fans is a great honor. However, in all due respects to those fans, the right thing has to be done. I feel that you have to recognize the younger players, for all the hard work that they’ve been doing.” Bryant, who has only seen six games this year due to injuries has lobbied twice this month for a younger guard to take his place as start in this years NBA All-Star game. It has been reported that Bryant specifically feels that Portland Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard is that worthy candidate. Bryant then went on to express how it wasn’t fair, stating, “The thing is, I’ve been injured most of the season, and these players have been playing all season.So, it seems reasonable that they should be rewarded for that.”

With all the recent updates for this years NBA All-Star game announced, as usual many fans have complained as to the outcome of this years roster. Many of the which, agree with Kobe’s opinion, and think that is a complete joke that he even made it into this years game in the first place. However, the All-Star game is designed for the fans enjoyment, and is why the NBA has made it so that the fans determine the teams. So, in the end, the fans essentially got what they asked for, based off the poll that was caste.


By Aaron Weis

Los Angeles Times
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