Nintendo Cartridge Proves That Old Items Hold Value

Nintendo Cartridge Proves That Old Items Hold ValueThe Nintendo cartridge up for sale on ebay has just closed at $99,902.00. At the close of the sale there were 72 bidders and 328 different bids. There was no rush to the finish line, as the final bid came in over an hour before the sale ended. Seller Muresan claims to have been a collector of Nintendo for over 25 years. He is selling off his entire video game collection, and hinted that there might be other treasures amongst his items. Muresan, could be disappointed that the sale fell just short of $100,000.00, although he surely did not expect to strike gold to this extent. On ebay he wrote “I can’t believe the positive response I’ve gotten from, seemingly, the world! Praise the Lord!” The winning bid of the Nintendo cartridge surely proves the value of holding on to those collector’s items. This is even in spite of the condition of the cartridge that has a torn label and a battered appearance.

The rare cartridge was just one of 116 copies entitled Nintendo World Championship linked to 1989 film The Wizard starring Fred Savage. The film follows three teenagers who hitchhike across the country to participate in a video game competition. Like the film, Nintendo held a touring competition to promote the game with contestants participating in abridged versions of Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris with a time limit of around six minutes. Finalists in the competition were given copies of the game, like the one held by Muresan. Muresan reasons that someone could look into the cartridge to determine the first owner’s original placing in the competition.

Muresan bought the cartridge around 2004, but he also knew that it has been previously purchased at an Alt Newsgroups auction in 1998. The Norwegian buyer known only as thomaser, traded the cartridge to DreamTR who sold it to Muresan.

Other old items in the past have proved that they held their value in the same way as this Nintendo cartridge. Last year an antique doll that was rescued from a trash heap sold for $14,220. In 2009 a Marklin Toy Battleship sold on ebay for $15,100 with a total of 49 bids. Other top items include a green Matchbox Car sedan released in 1966. Although its original price was 48 cents, it is now valued at $9,000. G.I Joe are responsible for creating some top sellers. A G.I Joe Nurse figurine that debuted in 1967 was considered a flop at the time of its release. Store owners were unsure where to place the figure, with the other dolls, or the war toys. A boxed example will sell for around $6,000 nowadays. Also, a G.I Joe action figure sold recently for $200’000. It helped that the figure was hand carved in 1963 by Don Levine, the creator of the franchise. It was said to have a face inspired by Sean Connery.

Thus it seems that it can be useful to hold on to toys of bygone days as they might still reap more than their fair share of rewards. As this Nintendo cartridge proves, the old items lost in attics, or discovered at trash dumps, may just be holding more than what they seem at face value.

By Sara Watson


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