Obama: Marijuana Is Better Than Alcohol

Obama: Marijuana is better than AlcoholAccording to President Barack Obama, smoking marijuana is apparently better than drinking alcohol.  Following Obama’s speech on the NSA reform, the president presented a speech in front of the Justice Department located in Washington, in which he commented that smoking marijuana is not as bad as drinking alcohol when considering, “The impact each substance has on each individual consumer.”

President Obama further substantiated this argument with his own life experience when he stated:

“It is well-known, that I smoked pot as a kid, and that my view on it is that it is both a bad habit and a vice, likened to the cigarettes that I smoked throughout much of my adult life. That being said, I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

In addition, the president further argued how crucial it is to permit the legalization efforts in both Colorado and Washington to proceed. However, the president noted that:

“I think the experiment that is taking place in both Colorado and Washington is going to be challenging.”

While there are eighteen states that allow marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes, only Colorado and Washington allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. What’s more, is that while President Obama argues that marijuana is better than alcohol, the drug still remains a schedule-1 controlled substance according to federal law.

Obama noted some of the challenges that the ‘experiment’ might face as he addressed the issue towards those opposing his viewpoint. The president noted that marijuana is the beginning of a “slippery slope, and then the president further elaborated when he stated:

“We begin to find ourselves reaching line-drawing issues. A line in which, if marijuana was legalized and people begin to say, ‘Well we’ve managed to negotiate a dose of cocaine that isn’t any more harmful than vodka, are we open to that?’ Or if someone says, ‘Well we figured out the perfect dosage of meth that won’t kill you or rot your teeth out, are we open to that?'”

In order to further strengthen his argument that marijuana is seemingly better than alcohol, president Barack Obama stated:

“There is injustice in the fact that, while middle-class kids who smoke pot do not get locked up, and there are kids who are impoverished that are. We should not be locking up individuals such as these for a long period of time when there are lawmakers writing these laws who have probably done the same thing.”

In response to the president’s argument regarding marijuana, the director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Party Mason Tvert voiced his feelings about he shares similar concerns with the president, and that he is excited about how he is “catching up with the majority of American’s” who feel that marijuana should be legal. In addition, Tvert stated:

“More than eighty years have passed in which the government has exaggerated the harm that marijuana causes, keeping it illegal. For the first time, our national leader has acknowledged the fact that marijuana is less harmful for the consumer than alcohol.”

Although Obama has expressed his feelings that marijuana is better than alcohol, the president also notes that it is not something that he neither recommends, nor suggests. President Obama further elaborated when he stated: “Using marijuana is not something that I encourage. When speaking about it with my daughters, I told them I think it is a waste of time, a horrible idea, and that it is very unhealthy.”

By Aaron Weis

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