Pamela Anderson Remarries Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape Partner Rick Salomon

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Things that make one go “hmmm” –  in news from Hollywood, it is being reported Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson has remarried Rick Salomon. Yes, that guy from Paris Hilton’s sex tape. Only for Anderson does it make sense to be married four times, to three men. The couple previously married in the fall of 2007, but just a few short months later, Anderson filed for divorce.

The couple originally married in 2007..lasted for 2 months.
The couple originally married in 2007..and lasted for 3 months.

Saturday evening the buxom blonde appeared at the Help Haiti Gala in LA, hosted by actor Sean Penn. Anderson showed up alone. With a huge rock on her finger, it did not take long for those in attendance to figure out what happened. E! News inquired of Anderson if she and Salomon were really married. Anderson stated “yes,” adding “our families are very happy and that’s all that matters.”

If anyone needs a reminder, Salomon’s true fame blossomed when he starred opposite of debutante, Paris Hilton in a 2003 sex tape. The amateur pornographic video was labeled 1 Night in Paris and made Salomon a pretty wealthy guy. Overall, he does have some producing talent, outside of the embarrassing memento of the sex tape with Hilton. He also produced Who’s Your Caddy, American Girl and starred as Big Al in the 2009 flick My Sister’s Keeper.  His prowess for naughty by nature actresses has landed him back in the arms of his ex-wife, Anderson. The two were quietly married after rumors surfaced late last year of their reconnection.

This past October, Anderson appeared on the Ellen show. The comedic hostess probed Anderson regarding rumors of her and Salomon connecting. Anderson finally did admit the two were “friends with benefits.” No word has been released listing the exact date of their rekindled marriage.

Anderson is starring in the 2014 release of Jackhammer. The raunchy comedy focuses on the world of male stripping with Jamie Kennedy starring as a powerful casting agent. Anderson will be playing the role of a groupie in the upcoming flick.

Anderson has experienced a whirlwind life of celebrity living and marriages in Hollywood. She has graced the cover of Playboy more than any other woman in history; a total of five times to date. In addition to her star power, she and Salomon share a common factor. Both have starred in sex tapes. Anderson actually was featured in two tapes. The first was created with her former husband, Tommy Lee. The couple’s private moments was placed online and known as one of the earliest known celebrity tapes to hit the web. In addition, Anderson got down and dirty with Bret Michaels and in 2005 that video was also released to the web.

Anderson is fierce about her love for animals
Anderson is fierce about her love for animals

In current times, Anderson is not known so much for her insane sex appeal and luxurious locks. Late last year she opted to cut off her long hair and instead opt for a pixie cut. Many fans called it a “refreshing” new look for the starlet. In addition, Anderson is notably more popular for her role as a vegan spokeswoman for the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Her controversial extremes to show people to stop eating animals has landed her in hot water with countries like Canada, when they banned the playmate for her near nude advertisements.

Fast forward to 2014, it seems while millions are making resolutions of what not to repeat, Anderson remarried her ex-husband, Salomon. Known for her on/off again pattern with the former loves in her life, many are speculating how long the marriage will last. Salomon has not yet released a statement at this time. What do you think about Pamela Anderson remarrying her ex-husband, infamously known as Paris Hilton’s former sex video partner?




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