Philadelphia Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

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There has been an immense amount of coverage of animal cruelty in the news lately. In fact, there are T.V. shows such as Animal Cops that exploits animal owners as abusing their animals. A Philadelphia man was charged with animal cruelty; reports show 50-year-old William Miller housed 15 cats and three newborn kittens in unsanitary conditions. In addition, the report states Miller has been charged with 15 counts of animal cruelty.

Philadelphia police were investigating a separate animal cruelty case involving Miller when they discovered a house full of animals and feces. Officers then contacted Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team and Humane Law Enforcement to remove the animals. George Bengal, Philadelphia’s Director of Humane Law Enforcement, states the home “was covered with four to five inches of feces all around.” The cats were removed and taken to a shelter for evaluation. According to reports, this is an ongoing investigation and more charges against Miller are possible.

Many people, including animal activists are speaking out against animal cruelty. A person aware of the case states, animal cruelty literally boils her blood and she cannot physically cope with it. Another person simply does not understand why there is such thing as animal cruelty. Cases such as the Philadelphia man who was charged with animal cruelty proves abuse to animals is far from over. A source states every time she watches the animal cruelty commercials she cries. It is clear that having 18 cats is too many animals for one house. It is especially difficult to keep the house clean because there will always be feces, urine and perhaps fur to clean up. Apparently Miller did not see anything wrong with having that many animals.

Though animal cruelty happens on a worldwide level, unfortunately this is not the only case of animal abuse in Philadelphia within the last month. Recently a woman was charged with starving her seven dogs to death. A humane officer noticed the “smell of death” coming from Karen Reilly’s home and noticed seven dead dogs. In addition there were several emaciated dogs walking over the dead ones. Reilly was charged with 31 counts of animal cruelty and was freed on a $10,000 unsecured bail. According to the Pennsylvania SPCA, three Stroudsburg residents plead guilty to denying their six-year-old dog veterinary care. Sources indicated the dog was suffering from untreated mange.

For those who are not clear of what animal cruelty is, it is either a deliberate or unintentional act of neglecting animals of their basic needs. The media has shown abuse can happen to all types of animals, from dogs and cats to horses. Although each state varies on the legal punishment of the animal owners, the justice system tries to preserve the lives of many animals and save them from abuse.

The case of a Philadelphia man charged with animal cruelty has also proven all animals deserve a loving home. Some people underestimate the time and energy needed to care for animals. Humane shelters all over the U.S. seriously evaluate each person requesting to adopt a pet because they want to ensure the animal will be safe. In addition to pets requiring time and energy, a person should evaluate his or her financial circumstances to afford the animals needs.

By Bridget Cunningham


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  1. neighbor   January 13, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Karen reilly was charged with 69 counts of animal cruelty. There was no bail set. No jail time until the trial unfortunately. Initially there were 9 alive , 11 dead the night of the rescue. 4 more were found while the house was being prepared for demolition. They were already bagged meaning she did this to them while living there. The home was up to the window sills with feces. I am a neighbor.

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