Philadelphia Man Harrassing Women to Masturbate Him With Swiss Cheese

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Philadelphia women are on guard in the Mayfair area after several women reported that a large white man drove up next to them in parking lots and offered them money if they would use Swiss cheese to masturbate him.  During the request, his genitals are exposed and he holds a block of Swiss cheese.

The Mayfair Town Watch Facebook page posted a warning to residents of the area entitled Swiss Cheese Pervert in an effort to locate the man.  The post warned of a man driving a newer model black or silver sedan and exposing himself to women.  He is described as being in his 40’s or 50’s.


A photo posted on the Mayfair Town Watch Facebook page that shows the alleged “Swiss Cheese Pervert.”

The senior adviser of the town watch, Milt Martelack, is quoted in the Philadelphia Daily News as saying, “I understand that people may think this is funny, but this is no laughing matter.”  According to Martelack, several women have reported being accosted by the man and police are “vigorously” searching for the man.  Police sources confirm that the Special Victims Unit is investigating the reports.

A woman named Gabby Chest reportedly linked the suspect’s behavior to a man who had approached her online in 2012.  Chest, a resident of Philadelphia who was 19 at the time, was contacted via the online dating website, OKCupid,  by a “strange” man asking if she would masturbate him with cheese (no word on whether the preferred type was Swiss), saying that his urges were very strong and he was desperate to find somebody who would help him relieve them.

According to Chest, the man explained the origin of his odd fetish by writing “I started to compare girls to cheese,” states the man. He goes on to continue he enjoyed the smoothness of cheese and found it comparable to that of a female’s skin. He also alluded that advertisers in particular, use woman to sell their products. The man finishes, “cheese is what I started to use as a replacement for having sex with girls.”

The “Swiss Cheese Pervert,” as he has been named, has found a place on Twitter, where an account has been set up under the name @Swisscheeseperv, who claims he is just “looking for my swiss miss.”  The account is clearly a spoof and most of the tweets consist of bad cheese puns.  To date, he has amassed 177 followers.

Victor Fiorillo, writing for the Philadelphia Magazine, believes he may have found a likely culprit.  After his sources told him that a man in Norristown named Chris Pagano, 41, was a suspect, Fiorillo knocked on his door, which was answered by a topless heavyset man who appeared to bear a striking resemblance to photos of the Swiss Cheese Pervert.  The man denied that he was the pervert in question.  After showing Chest the photo of Pagano, she said that Pagano and the man who contacted her via OKCupid were one and the same.  Pagano’s records include two dismissed charges of soliciting prostitution.  Immediately after Fiorillo’s visit, Pagano’s Facebook profile picture had changed from a photo of Pagano to an image of the moon.

While it seems to be an amusing story, the Philadelphia women who were approached by the man asking to be masturbated with Swiss cheese were in fact sexually harassed.  To them, there is nothing funny about the case.

By Jennifer Pfalz


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