Procter and Gamble Turns the Tide

Procter and Gamble Turns the Tide
Procter and Gamble Turns the Tide

Procter and Gamble is a worldwide company with their goods easily found in most cupboards from rural America to the big cities.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the original soap and candle company has grown to monumental proportions over the years through smart advertising and wholesome product lines.  Speculation of the questionable logo from years gone by, has been washed away as Procter and Gamble turns the tide in continuing profits.

The up and down trend of numbers on the New York Stock Exchange can offer many misgivings to the true form and bottom lines of companies.  The market continues to fluctuate due to the economy, average incomes and unforeseen events.  Procter and Gamble does not seem to be worried, as their products have long been a staple and needed in everyday households.

As the numbers reflect, downward trends can put a company at risk from the overall picture.  Loyal and satisfied customers are the ones that really count at the end of the day.  People will continue to buy trusted brands, such as Procter and Gamble products, as they relate to quality and quantity for their dollar.  Procter and Gamble has embarked on new technology and cutting costs to pass the savings on to consumers.

Back in the mid nineties, the company was under fire for a bad rumor linking them to Satanism.  The logo at the time embraced a profile of a man in the moon with horns, surrounded by stars and a secret emblem of the number “666”.  The mark of the beast was widely reported as being a profit to the Church of Satan.  The talk shows at the time used the speculation in ways to get publicity and viewers for their programs.

Procter and Gamble Turns the TideThe logo was under fire for a long time, but in the end, the rumors were dispelled.  Procter and Gamble eventually modified and changed their logo to simply P & G.  No malice was involved in the age old logo they had used since the late 1800’s.  The stars were representative of the 13 original colonies and the man on the moon was a reflection of sorts of light and newness.

Graduating beyond the hoax of TV and speculation, Procter and Gamble continues to produce wholesome products for everyday living.  Procter and Gamble turned the tide of events through positive marketing, coupons and displays in local stores.  Their range of goods include soap, detergent, beauty products, pet needs and diapers.  It is a family affair with the wide array of consumer offerings the company promotes.

Campaigns such as Movember to promote prostrate cancer awareness affected the sales of razors with men not shaving for a month.  Early potty training may see a downward spiral in diapers as well, but everyone has laundry and dishes to do, as P & G can easily fill the need for household chores.

The bygone days of rumors and the present worries of the market do not seem to deter the hopes of the successful company.  As Procter and Gamble continues to go strong in the hills of Cincinnati, along the Ohio River, they will remain a fixture for years to come.  Soap is a basic of life, just as the moon will draw in the tide of reflecting a good name that stars above the hoaxes, horns and hoopla in the world of business.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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