Psychosomatic Symptoms: You May Be Healthier than You Think

Psychosomatic Symptoms: You May Be Healthier than You Think

Psychosomatic symptoms are not made up.  The brain is a very powerful organ, controlling all thoughts and bodily functions.  What we think and how we feel emotionally and physically depend on how everything is processed in the organ that defines us more than any other feature of our being.  Experiencing pain in our bodies first courses through the brain to cause real or imagined feelings of discomfort.  Whether we are alert and upbeat or if we are sad and feeling sick, psychosomatic symptoms are real signals caused by the mental state of the brain.

That nagging headache or the ongoing belly ache may cause us to think we have a serious illness or disease, as we venture off to the doctor’s office to check it out.  After careful examination and questioning, a clean bill of health is often issued without a diagnosis for the psychosomatic symptoms we are dealing with.  Frustrated and exhausted, we are told it is just in our head and the pain will soon subside.

It is in our head.  It is called stress and anxiety.  The feelings of pain in our body are real, but have no medical cause other than the natural effect of the most powerful factor called stress.  Hectic lives, daily demands of family and the workplace, financial and relationship problems all play a part in producing stress our minds have to deal with.  The bad energy needs an outlet from of the constant mind boggling impact to the brain.

Stress can cause real physical symptoms which are labeled psychosomatic, as they start in the mind and travel into the body, finding homes in many ailments, aches and pains.  Anyone at any age can experience the feeling of not being believed they have a real illness.  Anyone with stress from life can have physical pain and sometimes very serious medical problems.  As simple as it may seem, it many times is truly a case of mind over matter.

Psychosomatic symptoms are not invented by the patient to get attention, like Munchausen’s syndrome.  They are also not created by hypochondria, which is a constant worry that something is medically wrong.  Psychosomatic symptoms also differ greatly from the true onset of an illness or disease, which carry their own distinct warning signals.  Determining where the pain is coming from and why is the quest of a skilled doctor and one that takes the patient seriously.

Dealing with psychosomatic symptoms goes back to the mindset of the brain.  How a person deals with stress, traumatic events, sadness and depression have a huge impact of the physical issues that are more evident.  Stress relievers such as meditation, prayer, positive thinking and counseling can help alleviate physical symptoms and pain in most cases.  If stress is allowed to continue and is ignored, the harm to body will show up in many ways.

Stress can cause a multitude of serious health risks including obesity, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, premature aging and even early death.  Beyond the scope of medical issues, the person’s life is ransacked by a general feeling of unwellness and distorted beliefs.  Stress releases the hormones cortisol and adrenaline which cause the body to react in adverse ways, resulting in disease and illness.

Heredity certainly plays a factor in diagnosing disease, as does lifestyle choices.  For the most part, many illnesses and discomforts can be ruled out by proper stress management.  The mind is a power element in the overall well being of a person’s health.  The mind can also train the body to react in certain ways by long established patterns of habit.

Bizarre cases of actors dying on stage at the very moment their character was to have a heart attack have actually taken place.  The actors rehearsed the role of their character going through a heart attack, many times.  Their minds were well prepared with their lines and their bodies adapted to the physical actions of the role.  The actors were accustomed to portraying the fake heart attack so many times, it actually occurred to the point of their real death.

Getting beyond the psychosomatic symptoms goes back to the mind of the individual.  Calming the nerves and gaining an improved immune system to fight illness and disease starts with the thoughts that pervade our brain.  Dealing with stress and emotional problems can prove healthier in the long run, as physical distress, aches and pains can be a thing of the past with a positive, happy attitude.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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