Quentin Tarantino Is ‘Depressed’ and Suing

Quentin Tarantino depressed and suing
Quentin Tarantino is ‘depressed’ and suing. Hollywood has had a reputation for being a city of fake individuals with inflated egos, body parts, and shallow integrity for decades. Acclaimed film creator Quentin Tarantino was reminded back on January 21, 2014 that no matter how high up one gets in tinsel town, there are always those sharks circling waiting to strike. He had such huge box-office success with his last western film Django Unchained starring Jamie Fox and Leonardo DiCaprio that he couldn’t wait to get started writing a script on a new western titled Hateful Eight. He trusted six actors he wanted to work with on the new film to read the first draft of the script. Unfortunately, the ultimate act of betrayal that can ever be done to a writer happened to this Hollywood powerhouse. To leak a script to the public when it was given in confidence has caused Quentin Tarantino to become depressed and very disappointed in his colleagues because he trusted the wrong person and was betrayed.

Mr. Tarantino is known for his great bodies of work such as Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Volume 1, Grindhouse, and the list goes on. His films push the envelope with grit, controversy, and taboos. More importantly, he has helped to elevate many actors’ careers to a new level. There is not an actor worth his salt in Hollywood who would not give their life to be cast in a Quentin Tarantino creation. So one would wonder why an actor would risk their career by betraying this man’s trust. According to NBC News, Tarantino’s manager knew the script had leaked out into Hollywood because he started receiving calls from agents pitching their roster of Talent to be in the next box-office hit Hateful Eight. Tarantino started doing a process of elimination to determine who betrayed his trust. He ruled out Tim Roth and Reggie Hudlin. Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern were two other actors the script was given to. The other actors who received the script have not been named.

The problem with a writer’s script leaking out into the public before its debut is that it can be stolen by a Hollywood shark and produced into a film before Tarantino’s goes into production. It’s called piracy. According to USA Today, Quentin Tarantino, apparently depressed by the goings on, has recently discovered who leaked his creation and is suing for over $1M in damages. Allegedly a gossip website called Gawker Media posted a link to the script and, when requested to take it down by Quentin Tarantino’s attorney, Gawker chose to ignore the request by keeping the link posted of Tarantino’s 146 page script of Hateful Eight. Hollywood Reporter reports that Gawker is blaming Quentin Tarantino himself for leaking his own script to the public as a publicity stunt.

Tarantino has now decided to publish Hateful Eight as a book first. He was planning to go into production next winter but, since the script has been leaked, Tarantino has decided to shelve the production start date until five years from now. Reported in the Los Angeles Times, he stated, “I’m very, very depressed.” Sharks in Hollywood get a way with piracy because the victim usually gets blackballed for speaking out. With a man of Quentin Tarantino’s status, being blackballed from Hollywood is not much of a concern. His speaking out about this betrayal to the press will shed some light on the importance of relationships, trust, and integrity in business. And though Quentin Tarantino is depressed and suing as a result of the situation, he says he has ten more where Hateful Eight came from. This situation will not stop this mastermind from creating.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner


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